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I'm in college and I'm looking to upgrade my multimedia speakers to some nice bookshelves. Problem is, I don't have a lot of money. What (in your opinion) are the best bookshelf speakers under $300? I've heard good things about the Polk Rti-6. Oh and would I need a sub to complement the speakers? The Rti's are supposed to go pretty low so I was hoping I could scrape by without plunking down $100+ on a powered sub.

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Well, sir, I have a pair of relatively new RTi6 speakers, and I have a few things to say about them, depending on what kind of music you listen to.
They're fine for rock, C & W and easy listening. But they're not very good for classical, opera and instrumental, or vocal jazz. They tend to be over-bright on the top, and sorta congested in the mid-range.
Yes, they may be a very good value for some music, but I think you can do better with speakers from Boston, etc. Look around and try to audition as many as you can.
The Polks are finished beautifully - my wife loves the look of the cherry wood. But I'll be selling mine this winter to make way for some Bowers and Wilkenson British speakers - they're much more "natural" - though sadly much more expensive.
Listen very carefully before you buy these speakers. Depends on what you listen to - again. For Rock, C & W, Blues, Pop-style music - you may be just fine. Their bottom-end is quite good, but you'll do better with a subwoofer.
Hope this helps - Larry R.

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Oh, by the way - you won't find the RTi6s for under $300 new - I paid $379 plus tax new - you might find some used for about $200. LR

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Card. i'd listen to the little Paradigms (Titans, I believe) or the kit's from
Both fit the bill....just depends on if you have time and can operate a soldering gun. I'd also strongly consider used speakers. Tons of bargains there.

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Card7017 there are a pair of Acoustic Energy AEGIS EVO 1 for sale over on Audiogon for 200 bucks! You might even get them for less since they have been on sale for a while. Great reviews in Hi-fi choice, What hi-fi. Perfect for the student on a budget.
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