Athena Technologies Point Five


Anyone familar with this system. I do not have a dealer nearby so I cannot listen to them. I will match them with an Onkyo 601. Please share your experiences/thoughts.

I have the system on a Denon 1803 (similar to a 601) and it's a very good match. The Satelites have a very flat response and sound very neutral. The little sub has lower distortion and better extension than I expected. They are not loud enough to DJ a party with but the sound is clean and easy to listen to. DVDs realy show off thier extended response.

You will be very hard pressed to find a better 5.1 system for under $600. I paid $240 for my returned set because they were missing two wall brackets.

Highly recommended.

Where do you find the system for under $600. I am seeing it for between $700-$800?


I've owned the Athena Point 5 system and would
have to say that it is an incredible bang for the
buck investment.

Not only are these little speakers gorgeous (and
heavy), but they have a very good range to them
and are equally well off playing back music or
your favorite DVD's.

One word of warning though: I would get this
system WITHOUT the subwoofer (this 5 sub-less
set is called the Point 5 MKII), as I found the
sub to be the real weak link in the package.

You'd be much better off buying a seperate sub to
go with these great speakers.

Hope that helps!


Best Buy sometimes has it on sale for $550. Paradigm and Energy sell similar systems but they are in the $850 range - I've owned 3 sets of the older Energy Take 5s.

MichaelSLB has a point about the sub. You defiately cannot abuse it but for $600... It's nicely extended, subtle and doesn't have to be turned up to be heard. Give it a listen.

The equivalent Energy sub is good but inferior to the Point 5 sub. Every once in a while I'll see a Mission sub for $200 or you could step up to an HSU VTF-2 but what would take you closer to $1000 for the system. I've owned one and it is a bargain at $500
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