Need help on Home Theater Processor


I am setting up a system in a 18x15 basement room. It will include the new Philips 55" Cineo TV, Denon 5900 DVD/SACD player, Sonus Faber Signums for the front/stereo speakers, Final Sound electrostatics for the center, surrounds and rear effects speakers and a Final Sound subwoofer. I have a B&K ST2140 140 watt/ch two channel amp that I can use for either the fronts or the rear effects speakers. I was originally considering obtaining either (i) the B&K Reference 200.7 (200 watt/ch seven channel amp) and the B&K Reference 50 processor or (ii) the Rotel 1098 processor and Rotel 1095 200 watt/ch five channel amp to complete the system. I may now, however, be able to get a great deal on a Theta Digital Casablanca as the processor. My only concerns with the Theta Digital are that it does not have the 6 analog inputs that I believe are necessary for the Denon to process DVD-Audios and SACD's and does not seem to have a firewire option. I am not sure what options/upgrades the Theta that I can obtain has, but understand that it is easily upgraded and that even the base model blows away other competitors. Any input on what processor I should get and on how the Theta might process DVD-Audio and SACD (either as the Theta now exists without the 6 analog inputs or by some upgrade) would be greatly appreciated. Theta reviews I have read indicate that some form of digital connection will soon be available for DVD-Audio and SACD and that Theta is waiting for it to come out. Does anyone know what the new conection is and when it will become available? Also, is it something that the Denon will be able to utilize? Thank you.
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