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I just got a home theater receiver. I know about 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1, but I'm confused about the other modes and when they are used. What is NEO (aside from the main character in the Matrix)? Also what is 96/24? How about Dolby Pro Logic vs. Pro Logic II? And any other modes I have not mentioned.

thanks for the education.


Pro-Logic II :

Pro Logic II is a dramatically improved, updated matrix surround system, based on the principles used to develop the original Dolby Pro Logic decoding back in the 1980s. The original Pro Logic features four channels--front left, center, and front right, plus a mono surround channel that's usually split between two rear speakers. The surround channel is also "band-limited," reducing the treble frequencies. Pro Logic II further enhances the sound with a full-range stereo surround output and a greatly improved steering logic, resulting in high channel separation and an exceptionally stable soundfield.

Neo:6 :

dts 96/24 :

Hope This Helps.



Let me see if I can help. If I miss something, don't hesitate to ask.

I assume you know what Dolby Digital and DTS are? They are two competing digital formats...used mostly on DVD's. Regular DD and DTS are in a 5.1 format. Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES are essentially the same thing, only they add a sixth discrete channel (for a true 6.1 sound).

Then we have Dolby Pro Logic and Pro Logic II. Regular Pro Logic is obviously older. It takes regular stereo sources (i.e. tv, VHS tapes, etc.) and turns them into a four channel format (2 front, center, and one surround channel that is split into a left and right). Once again, Pro Logic II is essentially the same, only it adds a fifth channel (2 front, center, and separate right and left surround...instead of one). To quote Dolby's website "Pro Logic II provides two full-range surround channels, as opposed to Pro Logic's single, limited-bandwidth surround channel". Let me tell you...the differences between Pro Logic and Pro Logic II are very big.

Finally, we have DTS Neo 6. This is DTS's version of Pro Logic II, and sound very much alike in my opinion (although I like Pro Logic II a little better). It takes stereo sources and turns it into 6 channels of matrixed sound (matrixed means that since the source is only played written with 2 channels-i.e. stereo-the receiver kind of has to "guess" what the other 4 channels sound like.

One other thing to keep in mind is that Pro Logic II and Neo 6 both have two different modes--movie and music. They are enhanced to make their respective sources sound better.

Hope this helps. You are right...this can be very confusing at times.

Thanks for the lesson!!!!
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