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I have a kenwood vr-606 and i was playing it for a long time and it got really hot and now when i turn it on, it goes on for a second then it goes on stand-by and it been doing that since then. does any body know whats wrong with it. cause it still goes on so i know it still will work.

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Try to unplug all cables from the receiver and see if it works then.

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I unplug every thing and it still did the same thing u think its the fuse.

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i have unplug every cable and it still does it, its like it had speaker cable connected and touching. cause when two cables would touch it would go in to stand-by like its doing right now. it go on for a little bit cause it goes on, on mute, mute flashes a couple of times then mute goes off thats when the receiver goes on stand-by.

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any one know whats wrong with it?

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My KR-300HT is doing the same thing. Now, if I manage to hit the Speaker A and B buttons in the few seconds the thing is on, it will stay on until I turn it off. Then it goes back into standby mode.

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I've been using mine for a year and a half with no problems untill recently, when I started having it randomly shut off. One thing I've found is that if the source volume is too loud, that makes it shut down for a few seconds. I have my computer, minidisc, dvd player, and gamecube running into it, and all I've really had a problem with were the computer and the minidisc. After bringing the volume way down and then just turning the reciever up, it seems to be ok

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one other thing to make sure of is that your cables can handle the load. I had mixed up my subwoofer and digital coaxial cables, and the cable which works fine for the subwoofer just cut out when there was too much going through it as a coaxial. I use monster cables, so make sure the cable you are using is designed for how you are using it.
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