Marantz yey or ney?


I went to an audio store today to test some Definitive and Magnepan speakers..and started a discussion w/ the salesman ab marantz products.He told me that marantz makes lousy products lately(as far as receivers)..that it is not what it used to be...what do u guys think? that the truth?

What a crock! What other brand was he trying to steer you to? Marantz receivers are up near the top of the heap in their last two lines. {300&400 series]. Marantz would be great with either speaker line you mentioned.


That guy couldnt be more wrong, go to another salesman. Marantz are just about as good as it gets in the receiver world right now. What brand was he trying to steer you towards?


HI all,

I've just got Sr4400 and realise the workmanship is terrible. Compaired to Yamaha products. Anybody want to give us some light on this? Also the down grade to 96KHz/ 24 bit compared to 192KHz/ 24bit in 4300. Wonder why.

Anon, the 4300 has 96khz/24 bit as well, the 5300 was the first in the line with 192khz/24 bit. What do you mean by "workmanship"? Do you mean build quality?


These are the specs. from Marantz web site on the SR4400.

80 x 6 all discrete Amplifier Channels
192kHz/24-bit DACS for all 7 channels
24-bit custom DSP chipset
Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS ES (Discrete, Neo:6.1, SRS Circle Surround 6.1
6.1 Pre-outputs
6.1 Multi-channel inputs for SACD and DVD-A
System Remote

the salesman showed me a pioneer elite receiver(I do not remember the model number)

Unusual for a dealer to sell both Marantz and Elite as they have similar sonic characteristics. Either is a fine choice with the right speakers. I have the Elite45 with Monitor Audio speakers and can't recommend that combo highly enough.

I have an Elite 43 with Klipsch's and also highly recomend this combo. Either Marantz or Elite would be an awsome choice.


Both the 4300 and 4400 have 192KHz/24bit digital to analogue converters (DAC's) and 96KHz/24bit analogue to digital converters (ADC's).

Hi G.DawG ,

Yes, as in comparing a yamaha and a marantz side by side and peek into the parts and see the details on the covers and all you'll realise that it's pretty messy all round. At least for my piece that is.

And after down loading the sr4400 PDF brocher it states also D/A A/D conversion is only 96khz / 24 bit. as well as my manual. Had aready send some quiries to marantz people and see what's the answer.

Also 4300 seem to be a better buy with is high grade parts for audio which 4400 lacks.

Anonymous Wednesday

I was just wondering the same thing. If the x300 has higher quality parts than the x400 series. See my other thread about the 5400 v. 5300. 5400 weighs about 3 lbs. less and has higher THD than the 5300. I'm thinking Marantz went a little cheaper with x400, but can't be sure until people start getting them.

I thinking of getting the new sr7400 online, (USD$699) (USD$739) (USD$759) (USD$765)

anyone know where can I get better deal than the above link?
for speaker, where can I buy the Monitor B4, B2, BC and asw100 package online? 'sara internation. inc' do best for USD$1200+-

It clearly states on the Marantz North America site that the 4400 has 192KHz/24bit DAC's for all seven channels:

Hi all,

Just got SR4400. Seems pretty fine, until I notice once the volume is not mute, there seem to be some sound going on even at 70db at any setting TV or DVD or anything. It is even more surprising when I select TV ( Which is connected to nothing ) Turn the volume to -10db I can hear music coming from the radio channel that I selected on tuner. And when I turn the volume to max the radio music is loud and clear. Same for all the rest of selections excpet DVD and MD.

Is this normal or should I return it?


Looks like you have a dud therefore you should return it. Not suprising as its a new line. Ideally people should wait a few months before manufacturers have ironed out the production faults on new lines. That BTW goes for all manufacturers not just Marantz.
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