Where have you purchased your audio equipment...


online or your local audio store? It seems that most online stores are on the avg. cheaper than the "bricks and mortar" audio shops.

What online seller do you feel is safe/unsafe?

Oh yeah, one more question...Pioneer Elite 55txi or Yamaha rx-v2400 with NHT speakers?

Thanks alot!!!

For me, Fry's Electronics is an awesome place to buy stereo equipment. I know they are in Oregon and California, but not sure about anywhere else. I have bought a $1200 Carver amp on clearance for $400. $600 Carver tape recorder for $300. I bought my HK AVR 520 on clearance for $450 (MSRP $1,000). A $375 HDCD compatible HK 5-cd changer for $135. An open box Advent dual 6.5" bandpass sub for $20. I like to wait for clearance and open box/scratch and dent sales, but if you check their ads in the newspaper, they always have great buys on audio/video equipment.

I like to go to brick and mortar stores even if it does mean paying more simply because if anything is wrong with it I don't have to mail it back and pay for shipping, and if it can be exchanged, I get it right away. But even still, I don't usually see any better prices online than I see in stores, as long as I wait for the sales, and I go to the big stores to purchase my equipment; Fry's, Circuit City, Good Guys, etc. They have the buying power to buy out specials and pass the savings on to the consumer.

If you are looking for NAD, the only place I would go would be saturdayaudio.com
They have by far the best prices on NAD, and they ship fast, double boxed.

If you are looking for NAD, I highly recommend this site.

Saturday Audio also carried HK and Denon receivers as well.

The Elite is a much better match with NHT than Yamaha. Way better power supply and a warmer sound which is perfect with NHT. NAD is also a good choice with NHT.

Marantz SR7300: Cambrige Soundworks
Speakers: Cambridge Soundworks
Dishnetwork 6000u: Radio Shack
Pinoneer DV-563A DVD Player:Circuit City
Panasonic DVD-RP62 DVD Player: Sears
Sony DVD Changer: Tweeter Etc.
Mitsubishi 48" HDTV RPTV: Sears
JBL Subwoofer: Best Buy
Monster Cables: Best Buy
AR Cables: Sears

My System:http://mysite.verizon.net/vze1mkhw/index.html

i prefer to go to ABC wharehoused in the metro detroit area, got a $1300 hk 630 for about $650
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