Can someone give me some MP3 player advice please?


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I'm just looking for a little advice, after looking for about a month a can't decide between these three MP3 players

Novatech NPOD

Creative Labs Jukebox 3

Archos Gmini 120SP

I know next to nothing about MP3 players, and they all are just on my £150 budget, so can anyone tell me which is the best? or point me in the direction of a site that can?

thanks for any advice given

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I can promise you that very very soon the iPod will become cheaper (Maybe even by tuesday) and you really will regret it if you get another MP3 player. just think about the useability, Third party support, popularity and customer support... better than any MP3 player on the market. just think about it before you buy.

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I have a novatech N Pod and it is fantastic, my boy has an I Pod but I think mine is better, and of course it is cheaper, it also comes with everything you need I can even store photos from my digital camera on it, great! takes very little time to tranfer gigabytes of mp3's over to it, sound is great.
my tip go for the npod

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Have just bought an MP3 player which is supposed to hold 128 tracks. Have downloaded 80 tracks to my computer but it will only transfer 27 tracks to the MP3, saying it is full. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be? I really have no idea what is wrong.

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Just look at all the iPod complaints on this post and that should tell you to go with something else.

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I have one and have heard great things about the creative labs mp3 players so I would highly recomend that, stay away from RCA those are crap


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I am looking to buy a MP3 player with 40GB memory. My main aim from the player is to record live music which is sang in a congregation. Could you advise as to which player out there currently on the market will give me the best recording quality?
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