Suggested Speakers For The Marantz 2270


I just purchased a Marantz 2270 receiver and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what type of speakers would go best with this unit. I am a fan of rock n' roll and I like it loud. However, I am a student so I do have budget constraints. Thanks for any input I appreciate it.

That's a nice amp you got there - I would keep it even if I had to repair it in the future. If you get static sound, you can squirt some electronics cleaner on volume control - can get it at any hardware store.

Many speakers sound good with this classic amp. Cerwin vegas sound pretty good - I would go with 12 or 15 incher. Perhaps on ebay you can find them. keep in mine that in the future when you get a job, you can upgrade the speakers to match the level of the 2270, but for now, Cerwins would do - and they are affordable.

I have 2270 also, but mine is going bad - gonna try to repair or get a new one. It got perfect 5 rating in ! No product got that distinction. Enjoy the warm sound of the Classic Marantz - they don't make them like that any more.

You can get Cerwins for cheap here - if the auction ends, you might want to ask the seller if he/she can arrange it to ship you one.

If no deal, goto and search for cerwin vega and find good deals on them - J&R has pretty good prices though you might find better if you search the net. Cerwins are not the most refined speakers, but for the price, excellent and good for what you want - bigger the better but I don't know about your neighbors.

Study hard and when you get a job, come back for better speaker suggestions to get everything out of the 2270 - and hold on to it (I would).

Some Sears carries Cerwins - you might want to check them out - save on shipping.

Free shipping on Cerwins on

If you want smaller speakers for your dorm room, axioms are nice although they lack the bass of cerwins.

Axioms are more refined incase you want to explore other music genre - Cerwins sound good for Roc, but not for classical.

You might want to goto a hifi shop and hear PSB, Paradigm, Mission, B&W, etc All big names in audio. You can get them used at or (be careful not to get taken in though) - audiogon is usually more reliable.

I would order Cerwins from and be done with it - safer and good prices - good for Roc too, so you can't go wrong for $199.

This one has 12 inch woofer.

If you want a smaller 10 incher for your dorm room, for $149:

You can get free shipping on these.

Good luck and happy listening - might want to consult your neighbors before ordering these big speakers.


The Cerwins v series (instead of e series)might be little better. The above sight is for 10 incher - but not free shipping.

12 incher :

15 incher :

Good prices on them and reasonable shipping.
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