HK AVR 225 ,Denon AVR1602 , Onkyo


I don't know too much about the reputations of Onkyo, Harmon Kardon and Denon. Which one over exagerates their power rating and which one doesn't?

Can someone give me a quick rundown of them?

I'm looking for some receivers in the $300 range or so and I'm looking at the the Denon AVR1602=$160, Onkyo TXSR-510=$190, and the HK AVR 225=$225. Which one is better for the price?

My speaker set up is:

Polk R50 Fronts
Polk Rti28 Back
Infinity Entra 2 Center
Velodyne 10' Sub



You ask excellent questions. Onkyo is probably the brand you are speaking of that overexaggerates their power ratings. Some of their receivers do not even reach half of their specified power when rated with all channels driven. The same can be said of Denon (and most other brands out there), but not to the extent of Onkyo. HK is actually very conservative in their power ratings. If they say 55w per channel, believe it. A 55w per channel HK will have much more real power than a 55w per channel Onkyo or Denon.

That being said, I like the HK receivers very much. Unfortunately, I have never heard them paired with polk speakers. HK receivers are very warm sounding and quite detailed, especially for the price that you quoted. I used to have an Onkyo paired with Polks, and the sound was also very pleasing. I think either of those two would be your better choice. As for the Denon, I was not pleased with the Denon sound at all. It sounded very dry and just kind of "blah". Not very detailed or exciting. Some like this kind of sound, but I didn't. Listen for yourself and see what you like best.

First of all I would buy a Polk center to match your fronts. I think the H/K would be a great match with your Polks. H/K has very good power supplies and are nice and warm which will balance perfectly with Polk. The Onkyo has a nice sound also but not the power that the H/K has. For $225 you can't find a better unit for your speakers.
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