Marantz 5200 vs. Yamaha RXV6-630


Looking to purchase a new AV system. Mirage OM speakers mixed with PSB surrounds and woofer. Not sure about the receiver...
Any helpful hints or experiences? Thanks in advance. Listen to all types of music. Normal sized room - about 15 by 15 feet.

I recently compared Marantz 5200 w/ Yamaha RX430 (RX630 presumably sounds the same, except has 6.1 channels)

Marantz is definitely built for music (warmer), more than Yamaha. In fact music with Yamaha is dissapointing (hollow sounding), even without comparing to Marantz. Plus, I believe Yamaha 630 is a lot mor expensive.

Best way to decide is to get a vendor to set up both side by side and listen to the same CD.

Amir Yanovky
I dont believe you even compare the yamaha 630 or 430 to the marantz 5200 !!!
the marantz is like a 100,000$ B.M.W car you are comparing to a cheap daewoo car from korea that values around 10,000$

listen to pro pesonal and audiophiles, they will make sure you try to get away as you can from the Yamaha of those models you are trying to listen too.
Yamaha sounds very horible on music. the sound is so unclear and so backstaged, also you get a head ake after some time of listenning, especialy on higher volumes, since the amlifire is distprting the sound like hell.
get marantz and denon and the like...

Dude don't listen to Amir. I personally own a Yamaha, and playing music on it is wonderful than Denon, which is my other favorite brand. Bottom line listen to both receivers sound like. Always trust your ears. and remember everybody has their favorite brand. choose your own.

Buy whichever receiver you like operating the best. The one with the features you want and the best remote. Receivers at this level are like computers---they are commodities. Would you say a Dell runs "Windoze" better than Gateway? I don't think so--it either works or doesn't. Solid state amps, unless they are designed by a fool or someone that purposely wants to alter the output-sound identical.

I'd love to find someone that could do 20 blind ABX listening tests with a Yamaha and Marantz Receiver set at identical db's and guess correctly over 60% of the time. It has never been done. Unless you have a DSP alterring the sound, a solid state amp has no sound of its own. Only a badly made one has a sound. You should get the one with the features you want, looks best (if that is important to you), better remote, and is powerful enough to drive any speakers you have without clipping.

I have not listened to the Mirage's, but the PSB's are easy to drive. You could get screamingly loud sound out of them with a half decent 50 watt receiver that has little headroom.

The speakers, your hearing, and the speakers interaction with your room will dictate almost everything you hear. Changing speakers and alterring the "hardness" or "softness" of your listening area makes big changes in perceived sound.

Get a Radio Shack SPL Meter for $40 and make sure that all your speakers radiate the same amount of db's to where YOU sit when you listen to music or movies. Often, drapes and rugs can be helpful if your room is too resonant.

Since most people don't want to move their speakers around much I won't say to buy, borrow, or steal a spectrum analyzer. But a good one can tell you where the speakers are causing anomalies in the room. Then you can keep moving the speakers until they are best matched and balanced with your listening spot.

But most people, for design reasons, want their speakers in specific spots--hence this aspect usually goes unadressed.

You will find your Mirage OM speakers to be too aggressive and forward sounding for the Yamaha, which is overly bright and agressive by itself (and yes, I agree it is hollow sounding, as well).

What is your budget? I can suggest anything, but if it is going to be relevant, I'll need to know what you want to spend.
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