Some Experienced Advise, Please: Should I get Paradigm Studio 20's or Monitor 5's, and once I decide this, what reciever should I purchase?


Can anyone tell me if there is a difference worth paying for between Paradigm Studio and Monitor Series? I am an audiophile at heart, but this will be my first purchase of a system worthy of the title, so I intend to put many hours of research into it. I would like to get a reciever with at least 5.1 capabilities, and (for now) a pair of Paradigms and a matching sub (either PW or PS series Paradigm, not too big a fan of PDR's). The reason for the necessitation for Paradigm is that I intend to be loyal to my local audio store for at least my speakers, and this is the brand they carry, not only that, but what I have heard from the lower lines (Performance Series) I liked.

I would really prefer to have at least 3 optical inputs on the reciever I will purchase, hopefully more, (optical inputs are not my primary basis for the reciever purchase (sound quality and a good match for my speakers is), but it is a consideration, and this would eliminate NAD or Rotel from my decision...). What reciever would best go with these one of these lines of speakers?

I figure on spending $2500 max, I watch tons of movies, and listen to tons of music, probably 40/60 movies/music. If anyone could throw some suggestions my way it would be greatly appreciated.


How big is your room? Do you already have a dvd player and if so are you planning to upgrade that to a universal dvd player that plays SACD/DVD-Audio? Do you have an HDTV and if not, are you planning on getting one?

I ask these questions because the power you may want/need, the features you made want/need are rather dependent on the answers.

Both series of Paradigms are very good. The PW-2200 subwoofer is excellent. Do you plan on spending up to $2500 on the speakers or the receiver--or both?

If it is on the speakers you probably get more bang for the buck on the Performance series.Which ones you get depends very much on your room size.

I will adress the receiver choices (as I am sure other will also) after you answer the above questions. Otherwise the list could get quite extensive.

My room is currently small, 11'x11', but I will be moving within the year to a larger one, and do not want to have do buy new components when that occurs.

Once again, I am planning to be as upgradable as possible. I fully plan on a HDTV-capable front projection system with a progressive scan DVD in the future, though currently, my video is a simple HT PC.

My HT PC is also DVD-Audio capable, and has 24-bit/96kHz DACs, most of my music currently is CD's, as well as about 5000 near-lossless mp3. I am in the DVD-A market once I get the system completed, but that is quite a ways down the road.

My $2500 is for a reciever and just a pair of speakers for now (Front left and right, I will get the rest later). The subwoofer would be separate from this budget. I know I can get a pair of monitor 5's for under $500, studio 20's for under $700, and possibly sudio 40's for under $900 (which seems to be a fantastic price), which leaves enough cash for a decent reciever, once I decide on speakers. Studio 40's might be just a little much price wise, though seemingly the finest of my choices, such that a capable amp could be afforded afterward.

Since I am just buying a pair of speakers for starters, I don't think I want to go Performance series, as I have enough for the higher series anyway.
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