Should I replace my Onkyo TX-DS797 with a NAD T752


I'm thinking of replacing my Onkyo 797 with a T752 for 3 reasons.

1) I don't like the fact that Onkyo reduces the power output when driving 4-ohm speakers. What's the point of advertising high power output into 4 ohms if power output is reduced? That's simply misleading.

2) I don't like the way Onkyo advertises power output. Tests have shown that Onkyo's receivers put out a lot less power than what is advertised. NAD on the other hand advertises more realistic power outlput, i.e. all channels driven with no reduction in output when the speakers are 4 ohms.

3) The NAD is suppose to have a sound that has more in common with higher end gear than mid-fi.

Having stated my reasons I will add that I have never found the Onkyo straining. My room is 12' X 17' and my speakers are Mirage OM-9s in the front, Mirage FRx-3s in the rear and a Sunfire Mark II True Subwoofer. My TV is too shallow up front to use a Mirage OM-C2 centre channel that is comparable in quality to the OM-9s, so I have set up my system using a phantom centre. I prefer not degrading the sound with an inferior centre channel, i.e. smaller size that won't give the same type of impact that the L/R fronts will.

I mainly use my system for movie watching, but I strongly believe that for a system to sound good on movies it must first sound good in stereo.

Considering the above information I am wondering whether I would perceive a noticeable improvement with the NAD. I'm not considering the T762/3 because I really don't need the added channel of amplification and the 20 watts per channel (about 1dB difference).

Previously, I almost bought the T571 over the Onkyo, but changed my mind because of all the negative posts about NAD quality and reliability. Once again I'm reading the same sort of thing. I don't want to get stuck with a lemon. I had the infamous Onkyo problem, but that was fixed under warranty and I haven't had any problems since, knock on wood.

Basically, I have a couple of questions.

1) Is there any advantage to me changing receivers, and if so, is it a signifcant and obvious one?

2) Do I have to be worried about NAD quality and reliability?

PS. It has been suggested by a ARCAM and NAD dealer that the ARCAM AVR200 and T752 are built in the same factory. Another suggestion is that both receivers are basically the same. Is either suggestion true or is it simply wishful thinking?

Don't have the Onkyo, but I can say that I'm very happy with my T752. Yes, I too have read about the many "bugs" in some of the earlier T752's, but I haven't seen/heard any of them myself. I would suggest you make sure the T752 you're buying is from an authorized NAD dealer and it is the most recent batch with the newest firmware (v1.22).

I did hear the Arcam AVR200, and it sounded very nice, but I thought it was less dynamic and a bit more laid back. Some may prefer this sound, but I prefer the NAD. If I remember correctly, I think the AVR200 is also much more expensive. I urge you to hear it yourself and decide which you like. I definitely don't think they sound the same though.

Anyhow, good luck in your search.

Thanks Alan,

It's hard to audition equipment because generally all the variables are different, other than the software. One can always bring his/her own CDs & DVDs. It isn't practical to lug around one's own speakers so one must rely on the speakers to which the receiver is hooked up. Maybe if I were buying a Jeff Rowland integrated amp the retailer might be more accomodating in letting me control more of the variables, e.g. borrow a demo. For instance my Mirage speakers are Omnipolar in design and sound quite different in their presentation than the KEF sub/sat system I heard the NAD on.

As such, I have to rely on reviews, both from professional reviewers and from consumers. It's the only way I can get a general concensus of a product's sound, real world capabilities, quality and issues.

Alan, if you don't mind I have a few questions. How long have you had your receiver? Have you had any issues with hum, clicking or popping? Have you noticed any gremlins or signs leading you to quetion your receiver's potential reliability? My receiver is noted for 2 problems: 1) the receiver starts clicking within a few months of ownership and is easy fixed under warranty with a new IC and Dolby Digital drop outs. I've experienced problem #1 and had it fixed and haven't had any problems since, knock on wood. Never experienced problem #2.


I am going to chime in here with some hesitance for fear of yet another bashing, but here goes anyway. Let me start off by saying that I used to own an Onkyo system with some Polk speakers. I first upgraded the receiver to an NAD T762 with the same Polks, then got new PSB Image 2B's as mains and the 9c as center. When I upgraded the receiver to the NAD, the sound improvements were staggaring. I was hearing things that I never heard before, even with the same speakers. There was one instance while I was watching Star Wars Episode 2 when I seriously had to stop the movie and turn the lights on in my living room to see if someone had broken into my house. The voices coming from the surround speakers were that clear and distinct. I literally thought they were real voices and that someone was intruding. The same can be said of music as well. I get much more clarity from the NAD than the Onkyo ever gave me.

As to reliability issues, I have had no experiences that would make me question how reliable my NAD is. I have experienced NONE of the reported "bugs", and I have owned the NAD for almost 2 months now. I listen to it quite often and am certain that any bugs would have shown themselves by now.

These are just my opinions and experiences. If anyone here disagrees, then please post your educated and non-accusatory suggestions below. Luis...good luck in your search/decision.


I have the T752 for a week and a half so far and I have not heard any pops/clicks/hums...etc. Just pure delight! I cannot guarantee the receiver you'll get will be perfect since there are known bugs in some earlier batches of T752's. I just hope you won't end up with one of those. If you do, and make sure you get it from an authorized NAD dealer, you can always return it and get a more updated one.

I know it's hard to hear many different receivers with YOUR speakers in your room...heck it really is impossible isn't it. But you should make an effort to at least compare some receivers with the same speakers (hopefully with ones similar to yours) with the same software...just to get an idea.

Johnny's right about the sound quality of the NAD. It really is pretty amazing when it comes to getting some details you never heard before.

Good luck in your search and keep us posted on how you do.
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