Help replacing Pro Logic Yamaha... less than $500


Finally gonna get a new receiver. I am not a huge audiophile - I have Cambridge Soundworks small cube speakers, and using the two side speakers on my plasma (42" panasonic)(6 ohm speakers...) as the center channel with a Basscube 8 active sub. The sound is fine with me. I need to have a way to switch HDTV signals (only 1 input on plasma) from dvd/playstation and digital cable box.

I have a Yamaha which sounds fine. My dilemna is the HK 230, HK 330, HK 325, Onkyo 601.
I know the price varies but all have 2 HDTV inputs and similar in i/os (HK x30s are a bit better?)

Any other suggestions given my modest speakers - i can't really get other speakers due to the wife approval factor. She likes the small speakers and I'm happy to have the plasma and surround.

If there are small but better speakers (i steered from bose given the jeers from many sites)??? I would like to consider.... I looked at the Polk satellites as my brother had a great set of polks, but has their quality slacked off??

Please help me get the best bang for the buck (xmas and birthday this month...!!)

Oh yeah. I'd love to splurge for a Marantz, but why don't they have HDTV on any units except like 3 levels up?? Any news on new Marantz units??
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