Elitefan need your help and amps!!


Hey elitefan its me sarandon. i plan to purchase the yamaha rx-v2400 receiver this week. I tried the somewhat similar price Pioneer Elite and it sounds great! i need to pick your brain. i like to have a warm sounding amp for the rx-v2400. i was wondering what brand of amps would you recommend?

I don't understand what you are trying to do here. Why do you want an amp and a reciever combination. Either buy a receiver with enough power and sonic quality you want or buy seperates. Please explain.

i want to use it as a pre/pro or what do you recommend? you see i like the dsp modes that yamaha makes. you can say that I am one in five % of people that uses them. besides i love the detailed sound it has but i would like to add a 7 channel amp to make the warm sound I am looking for music and movies. now please dont be mad at me when i say this but would get the pioneer elite but they have no word when they are going to upgrade to DPL IIx for the vsx-53, plus nobody has the vitural surround and headphone surround like yamaha. execpt Marantz. but their are two things that arre preventing me to get them, first i can not get a discount from tweeter, since they do not carry it (DAMN IT!!!!!) second they do the headphone surround but not the virtual surround. and i do use the virtual surround the receiver has.

That's what I thought you had in mind. The 2400 would make a very nice pre/pro. I don't have much experience with amps in the last few years but I am sure others here can help you better than I. My first thought is Outlaw, and also H/K. I don't remember what speakers you have. Would like to know.

well after i get a warm sounding amp i can concenrate on getting the klipsch speakers i want or you can give me another speaker brand because i am on a tight budget.

Must not be too tight a budget if you are buying a $1000 receiver just to use as a pre/pro. I wish my budget was so "tight". But seriously, let us know what you decide. It will be interesting to find out what your final system sounds like. Good luck!!

Let me mention speakers if you don't mind. You mentioned Klipsch which are to my ears very bright and at times harsh, depending on what's driving them of course. For me the better option with a warm amp is Monitor Audio. I have a Silver Series system and love them. The detail is amazing and they have great bass for a British speaker. The Bronze Series might be worth looking at if your budget gets tight. The Monitors are much less fatiqing than the Klipsch,IMO.

I agree with EliteFan. I still have my Klipsch CF-2 speakers (and CC-2 center), but they're not connected to anything. They were bright and "bass-shy". I replaced them with Paradigm Reference Eclipse/BP speakers and Eclipse CC-450 Center. The paradigms are NOT bass-shy and I got they didn't have an aweful rattle I had in the CF-2s. In Klipsch's defense... they said they'd replace one of my midranges due to the rattling noise coming from the cone.
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