Polk Rm6000


harsha nagaraju

I just bought a Yamaha 5550 AV reciver.
I want to know if Polk Rm6000 speakers are a good match. frys has a deal for $250 bucks.


hi all,
I have narrowed down my choices for an AV receiver to the these two well thought of units.

please help me which one to go for. I am looking for great sound, in the first place. and I love music. i live in an Apt complex. so not very big house. Please help me with ur insights.

The budget wise i think this a stretch.
frys electronics has yamaha for $350
goodguys has denon for $350-if i buy today on line. no tax.
its aboyt 28 bucks less. Frys has a deal for Polk RM6000 for $250

please let me know, how is Polk audio RM6000.
and what is my alternatives? i don't want very big(size wise) sub-woofers. some thing of size yamaha subwoofer/bose subwoofer.(thats all the space i have)
I want to spend not more than MAX of $700.
I still need to buy a DVD player after this.
Thanks in advance.


I need some advice. Which is a better system, the JBL SCS135 or Polk RM6000. I am going to buy one of these for a Christmas present, but I am not sure which is better. I need some advice!



I'd say it depends what you expect from the speakers and what their primary use is going to be. Online reviews are a good start; but listening to them with your own ears is always best. Having just ordered my own set, I can tell you this: From what I've read online, NOT personal experience, the lower end Polks (including the 6000) do not get the highest ratings and generally get referred to as "middle of the road". JBL, on the other hand, has gotten some very good reviews, and for a few bucks more, you might want to consider the SCS150, like I did. :)
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