NAD T752 arrived, review and a question or two..


Paul T
Well my NAD T752 & PP2 arrived this morning, it only took me about a half an hour to get things all hooked up and get to the OSD up on the TV. After a tweaking all settings to my liking I have to say this receiver sings (pardon the pun), it pours the sound out so smoothly and clearly, very warm yet cleanly with more clarity then my old Yamaha which I alway felt was bright and clear.. After 6 hours (yes 6 straight hours of CDs and LPs) I am very very pleased with this receiver. It has more then enough power for my Paradigm Studios and even at very low levels I can hear little nuances I have never heard before. I connected the CD player via Digital coax and analog and surprising enough the analog was much warmer and louder, when switching back and forth between digital and analog inputs I had to always turn the volume up quite a bit to get it to where the analog volume was and even then it just didn't have the fullness of the analog signal, yes this was absolutely a no brainier and surprised the sh*! out of me, also seems with digital coax as in the reports from the optical inputs there is a milli sec delay when tracks start up on CDs, it's no problem here for me for I like the analog better anyway so the milli-sec miss is of no concern . The PP2 with the T752 produced the absolutely best sound I have ever heard from LPs, Again as in my old setup the turntable's volume needed boosting compared to CDs. Bi-wiring, well to tell you the truth after hooking everything up this way first and it sounded soo good I just didn't bother unhooking and reconnecting the jumpers to compare, figured it sounds incredible and even if bi-wiring makes no difference I had the wire to waste and I only doubled the cable size, instead of one 14 gauge to each speaker they get 2 14's each.
My final verdict on the NAD T752, TWO BIG THUMBS UP!! Report on day one is no bugs, no clicking with volume, no hums or any-other bug reported with the bad batch earlier this year.. Just finished programing my other four remotes into the NAD's and all is great... Now for a couple questions to you NAD vets:
1) I got all functions from other remotes working great but cannot find how to switch from CD to DVD to Phono using the remote, I had the amp key pressed first so it's commands take the page but cannot find a button to switch between inputs, have to get up and do it at the receiver.. What am I missing guys?
2) With Paradigm Studio 20v3's what do you guys recommend setting the sub setting? So far I found 80 to be ok but maybe there is a couple tweaks I should know of to be more precise..

Thank You all for your help in my search for a new receiver, the result blew my expectations away.. A Special Thank You to Hawk, Johnny and John A.!!!!

Paul T,

Congrats on getting one of the best receivers! Sounds like you have an awesome setup!

To switch between sources with your HTR-2 remote, push the amp key first, then hit any of the corresponding number keys. If you look at the orange writing above each number key, you'll notice 1=DVD, 2=SAT, 3=VCR...7=CD...etc.

Hope this helps. Happy listening!

I also upgrade to NAD T752 over the weekend. I have to swap the first receiver cause it never turns on, it always go into the protect mode (the evil red light above the green switch). When I back to the dealer and exchange it, I asked to dealer to hook it up and make sure it run first before I take it. The second unit run fine. I don't notice the hums when the unit turn on/off, but there is a click sound when I adjust the volumn, does it normal?

It sounds great, much warmer, detailed compare to my previous Yamaha.


Click sound...not normal. Would check the firmware and return it to the dealer and demand a newer built with the most updated firmware (v1.22).

Paul T,

Yes...congrats on your purchase! I am glad I could help. In this recent era of negativity on this forum, it is nice to hear yet another NAD customer who gained advice on this site, weighed their options, bought an NAD, and is extremely happy. I wish you many years of happy listening. Do not hesitate to share your positive experiences here...don't let the wolves scare you off.

John A.
Paul T.,

Thanks. What a pleasure to read your post.
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