How Good is Consumer Report Ratings? Suggestions or Comments


I heard the regular Panasonic and Sony's in some of the shops around here and then heard the Onkyo S760. Not sure whether I could point out the differences but I think the Onkyo S760 sounded better than the panasonic, sony etc.

Basically I am looking for a surround sound (Receiver +speakers ) system that can be used for movies and music( 60% time for TV/Movies and 40 % Music).
My budget is around $500 to $700. Consumer report has rated Sony HT-1800DP. Pioneer 330DV, Sony c800Dp, Panasonic, Sc-Mt1, onkyoS760, Pionerr HTP 230 etc as the best buys..any comments or suggestions? I am leaning towards the Onkyo S760..any suggetsions?


Not really sure about these models, but I would use Consumer Reports sparingly when it comes to audio. While it is generally a useful resource, I don't think it approaches audio or HT with the same critical eye as a dedicated audio/ht publication (i.e, Sound and Vision).

I agree with Skip. Would you consider Consumer Reports for car information? I would rather look at Motor Trend or Car and Driver. Same applies to audio/video equipment. There are plenty of dedicated audio/video mags out there that can give you a much in depth analysis than Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports is good for hair dryers, washers, refridgerators...etc. Since there isn't any dedicated hair dryer magazines...I think.

Sorry, I'm not very familiar with the models you mentioned. But I do recall one of my friends buying an Onkyo HT in a box, after auditioning stuff made by Panasonic, Sony, and JVC. She's pretty happy with Onkyo. I think she paid $499.

Thanks for the replies. I think theu use the Onkyo HTR-510 receiver in the Onkyo S760 system.

Anybody has got suggestions for a HT in a box ?

Imean which offers similar performance for the same amount?
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