Yamaha RXV2400 or Denon 3803


I'm looking to buy a great receiver. I can't decide between a Yamaha RXV2400 or a Denon 3803. I have the Mirage OM series speakers (OM7, OMC2, OMR2, and OM200). Which one do you guys think is the best...Yamaha RXV2400 or the Denon 3803?? And why?? Please help.


You apparently have not heard the Mirage speakers with the Yamaha receiver as it is a very poor combination, IMO. They both have similar sound charecteristics which lead to a poor sounding emphasis in the upper midrange.

Both the Mirage OM speakers and the Yamaha receiver are somewhat bright sounding--that is, they both have an exaggeration at the 2-4Khz level. When combined, this would be a very bright system that will lead to listener fatigue. While it may sound very detailed if you listen for 10 minutes, after an hour, you will want to turn it off.

If you are only choosing betwen these two, I would opt for the Denon. However, if you would consider something else, I highly recommend the H/K 7200 for those speakers. H/Ks are rather warm and laid-back sounding, which helps to tame the brightness of the Mirage speakers and allow the detail to come through. I have seen it priced just about $1K, or well within the price range of the Yamaha and the Denon. Also look into the new H/K 630. Another very good candidate is the Marantz 7300. Not as laid back sounding as the H/Ks, it has a very sweet sound that you can really enjoy.

Wouldn't the RX-V2400's parametric equalization feature (in auto setup) compensate for any exagerated brightness in the resulting sound of each channel? It has various options called front, flat, low, mid and high.If that doesn't do the trick, it also has a manual 7-band graphic equalizer for each channel.

I am using the RX-V1400 (I'm told it's identical to the V2400 but with ten less watts per channel) with a set of Polk Audio RTi speakers (2 RTi70 mains, 4 RTi38 surrounds/back, CSi30 center, PSW404 sub). The parametric equalization (with "flat" option) ended up slightly de-emphasizing the lower frequencies of the Polks.
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