Hooking up xbox to Onkyo tx-sr600


I just got an xbox and I am having problems hooking it up to my tv through my receiver. I got the xbox high def av pack and when I hook up the component video to the tv it works. But when I try to hook it up to the component video inputs of the receiver it wont display anything at all. I have a non high def tv, sony kv-36fv27. I already have my progressive scan dvd player hooked up to component video input number 1 of the receiver. The xbox is hooked up to input number 2. All the switching inputs seem to be fine for the settings of the receiver. But still no picture. I do get audio, but thats it. My tv has only one set of component video inputs so I would like to use the switching feature of the receiver. My dvd player does work when I try it in input 1 or 2 of the receiver. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Have you tried putting the xbox component cables into the component input 1 of the receiver? If it works here, and the DVD player works in both component inputs of the receiver, then the problem is in the xbox. Look at your video settings of the xbox. If you don't have them set correctly, you will see no picture.

My xbox wont work in either input 1 or 2 of the receiver even when I take out the dvd player. My xbox is in the correct setting cause it works when it is plugged directly into the tv. For the xbox I have all the high def options under video such as 480p, 720p, and 1020i turned off. This is the only way it will show a correct picture on the tv. Is there potentially a bandwidth problem through the receiver?
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