What's the diff between Integra and Onkyo


I am looking for a receiver and I looked at an Integra at a shop today. Integra is made by Onkyo and browsing the web they look very, very similar.

What is the difference? Is Integra higher end or lower end than Onkyo?


Integra is supposed to be the higher end line. The difference is supposedly that the Integra uses "hand selected parts" (as quoted from the Integra product line brochure). This would indicate that the same parts are used in both lines, but the better performing parts (assuming each one is tested individually) are used in the Integras. So, they are indentical in design and manufacture.

More likely, it simply means that they want to segment the market so that they can sell Onkyos through the Circuit Citys and on-line, while still being able to sell the Integras through the better audio stores. It is like the difference between a Ford Taurus and a Mercury Sable. Under the skin, they are identical.

Thanks Hawk,

So then the Onkyo TX-SR601 is pretty much the same as the Integra DTR-5.4 (both are 85W @ 8 ohms) and the Onkyo TX-SR701 is the same as the Integra DTR-6.4 (both are 100W @ 8 ohms). Is that correct?

Al Holland
The big difference is about 20 to 30 % more for the price of the Integra and the Integra has a longer warranty.

I have owned Onkyo and Integra. I could not tell any difference in sound. I have an Integra 8.2 that came with the CHAD remote. I believe that this is the difference betwen it and the comparable Onkyo.


Yes. Those receivers you mention are the same. There may be a difference in the remote, but I have never taken the time to find out.
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