Denon 3803 vs Sony DA5000ES vs Yamaha 3300


I have a pair Paradigm Titans and an older Sony ES receiver. I'm looking to upgrade my receiver to one of the following three: Denon 3803 vs Yamaha 3300 vs Sony DA5000ES. Are there any suggestions and why?


Dont rock, Wobble
3300 are discontinued, if you can still get one, you can get a really good deal like 899. I dare you to do a comparison of those you will find the 3300 is far supperior for movies, music, and ease of use. Denons are terribly not user friendly. Sony does not know how to make a good reciever. I own a 3300 and replace Marantz av9000 and mm9000 and it is much better than these which retail 3000. Yamaha 3300 has the best perfomance in anything around that category. Compare yamaha to Denon 5803 and see what happens I think you will be shocked.

Compare Yamaha 3300 to a Denon5803. Are you serious or just nuts? The 5803 blows away anything Yamaha has ever dreamed about. I am no Denon fan but give me a break. If you replaced a Marantz9000 with a Yamaha you need serious help.
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