HK AVR 230 or Onkyo 601


Of these two receivers, which one do you think is better? Speakers will be bought to complement the receiver that is purchased.

I tried both of these receivers.
Along with a Sony and Yamaha, I returned them all for one reason or the other. (I think my speakers may be the fault) out of the two you listed I honestly preferred the Onkyo 601 it had a very smooth sound to it. I play a lot of DVA-audio from classic rock (Fleetwood mac) to Hard rock (Metallica)along with some classic music. I honestly liked the Onkyo above the others for the sound. The reason I returned it was of my speakers more then anything, it just didn't seem to beable to handle them right.
I found out yesterday my son got me a Pioneer elite vsx-53tx(for christmas) I am just hoping it can power and the speakers and sound good togeather, I have 4 Polk Rti150s with 2 csi40 center channels. (I need a sub to match) the one I have isn't up to par with the rest.

Paul in Texas, Thanks. When you say it wasn't able to handle the speakers right, I think I know what you mean, but can you be a bit more specific because I have very similar sepakers to you. By the way, sounds like you have a good son, nice gift.
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