Receiver for Klipsch SF-3's


I have a two ch setup now, with the SF-3's and if anyone remembers this company. I have a Sumo Andromida 200w/ch balanced class a/b amp. I kmow she's been around a long time. I have had Infinity Kappy 8's for the last 15 years drivin by the sumo. They were very sweet sounding to say the least. Well i have had to replace the woofers and they arn't what they used to be. So i've been wanting to shake the walls a little bit more than useual as of late. So i picked up these Klipsch SF-3's i have to say with my sumo I was very very surprized. These little puppy's rock and i mean they rock hard and loud. The soundstage was i geuss the biggest surprize i knew they would be loud but they really sound sweet as well, not bright or harsh in any way and i cannot belive the bass when these little woofers get going.... i was shocked at the overall performance. But now i want to go ahead and get into HT. I am concerned that once the sumo is replaced with a rec im going to loose the qualtiy and force i had with it. Is there a reciver out there for under a grand that will do me justice. can anyone help with some choices to look at or am i nuts for under a grand...?

what am i an outcast? noone has any remarks! well thanks any way. Some board
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