Will NAD 763 be wideband (>20 kHz)?


I am looking for a 5.1 or 6.1 replacement of my NAD pro-logic receiver. Next to a good stereo performance it needs to be able to play wideband audio souces such as SACD (>20KhZ).
Currentely I am comparing the NAD762, the DENON 3803, the Rotel 1055, the ARCAM AVR200 and the new Marantz SR7400. Soundwise the NAD is my favourite, but I discovered that both the ARCAM and the NAD are limited in their bandwith. I.e. Anything above 20 KHz is being cut off by the amplifier.

Does anybody know whether the new NAD 763 is also limited in its bandwith or will this be true wideband?

Thanks for you help!

PS I know most speakers won't go above 20 KHz, but if I spend some serious money on a receiver I want it to be future proof......

Most humans can't hear anything above 20KHz and that includes audiophiles (a more evolved form of humans but still can't hear above 20 KHz).

I wouldn't sweat it. My older receiver, a H/K AVR30 has a frequency response (according to the manual) of 0.5Hz to 200kHz. My newer receiver a NAD T742 (of course) is rated from 20Hz - 20kHz and I don't notice any 'missing information' in the high frequency range...my dog on the other hand might :). Mind you, my speakers are 'only' rated to 20kHz too.

If you're worried about future proofing about all you can really do is make sure the receiver has upgradable DSP memory, 7.1 pre-amp inputs, and perhaps a slot for satellite radio.
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