Jorge Marchante
Have anyone know if the Yamaha rx-V740RDS will be replaced in short term???

And if you have to chose between Yamaha RX-V740RDS and Onkyo TX-SR601E, what did you choose? And why? I want to buy one of this receivers next weekend, because i find one shop with promotions on this products, and surprise yamaha with 500€ and Onkyo for 510€!!!

Thanks in advance for your help,

Jorge Marchante

Yamaha. But that's only my personal preference. Your ear should be your guide.

For me, YAMAHA. I just bought the RXV-1400 two days ago and sound soooooo sweeeeet. Thanks on their YPAO features. Set-up is a breeze.

Tim Bell
Yamaha, definately. I only considered buying an Onkyo, Denon, or Pioneer receiver because I wanted the benefits that THX offered. The others receivers sounded okay, but lacked the detail of Yamaha receivers. Yamaha receivers to me, have a much cleaner and more robust sound. This is due the fact that Yamaha makes a lot of their own internal components. So Yamaha receivers will always sound different and/or better than an Onkyo, Denon, or Pioneer receiver because they all use similar internal components.

I have always perferred the Yamaha sound over all the other receivers, but Yamaha lacked some key features that the Onkyo, Denon, and Pioneer receivers provided. All of the missing features I wanted were brought on board when Yamaha incorporated THX into their receivers. Now that this has happened there is no question that Yamaha makes the best receivers on the planet. Even without the THX certification, Yamaha receivers still sounded better. They just lacked the ability to tweak the sound. Even though I would only buy Yamaha, always remember let your ears be the final judge.

TIM BELL No offense yamaha does not make the BEST RECIEVER ON THE PLANEt!! LOL

The DENON 5803 soon to be 5804 is the BEST and is the INDUSTRY reference receiver to date.

Yamaha has lifelike theatre sound, thanks in part to their seamless processing features...

After that it's all DENON Yamaha does not BOAST 16 burrbrown dacs top quality, 2 per channel higher rating in watts per channel, the list goes on... Yamaha rxz9 is what I have and I think it is still 2nd to the Denon..

I didn;t have 5,000 for a reciever. The Yamaha is cheaper, and "comparable" in quality but don't confuse comparable to superior because that DENON is SUPERIOR.

Big deal so my rxz9 has has faroudja internally but as you know more signal noise created a DEGRADED signal so I render that as well as HDTV inputs USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cmon Johnny, pound for pound, it will not match Yamaha's AVR Flagship. It also uses burrbrown DACS. Please read their product literature. And comes with its own YPAO, no comparison with DENON. Top it all, they are the only company that produces their own active components for seamless processing as you've mentioned. Let's be realistic. No offense.

The TX-SR601 competes with the RX-V640 not with the RX-V740. For hometheater purposes, no brainer the Yamaha is a better receiver. The Onkyo is a lot more warnmer (like the Denon) and better for music listening. I did demoed the new line of receivers from Yamaha; the RX-V1400 and the RX-V2400. I did have the oportunity to compare them to old series Yamaha's (RX-V1300 and 2300) and they did improved the sound significally. There's a lot of changes in the design elements in the new Yamaha series including the capability to operate in a 9.1 setup (using proprietary DSP).
Onkyo's line of receivers that could compare to Yamaha should be the Integra line.

In reality there is no such thing as the "best" receiver. We all hear differently, need different things as far as inputs go etc. For my needs I cannot even consider 3 of the best brands; H/K,NAD and Rotel because they don't have nearly enough inputs for my current system let alone for further expansion. In my price range {$1500 or less] I am left with Elite, Denon, Onkyo, Yamaha and Marantz, and Marantz only mail order as the only models I can use are the 8300. I have owned all except Marantz and with my Monitor Audio speakers the Elite is by far the best match in terms of sound, inputs, features and price. This is not to say Elite is the "best" its just that for my system now for the money and my needs the Elite fits the best. We never even mention 3 brands of receivers on this site that would probably blow all our Elite's , Yamaha's etc away they being the Sunfire "ultimate" receiver, the B&K 507 and the McIntosh receiver that I can't remember the number of. The McIntosh lists for a whopping $6100 and is a really cool unit but that much for a receiver is just kind of nuts. What's best for me is not the best for you and vice versa. Only your ears and your particular needs can detemine what is best.
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