YAMAHA RX-V675 Tempermental sound disorder....


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I have a Yamaha RX-675 (105w per ch) I bought in back 10/9/13. ...As I say that, I think that, wow, this is little aged.
This was under warranty, and the problem then was, "The audio cuts in and out, front channel not working, Both optical digital." It was fixed, they "Reset CPU, Firmware upgrade,electrical part replaced")
Forward to-
Jan. 17, 2018
This is my second Yamaha A/V Receiver, and I added a 6.1 'Hsu Sound' VT12 Ventriloquist Sattelite speakers, 200w Sub. I love em' no problems yet.
It's Crackling, when the volume is turned up. I have to jiggle it, sometimes It can work through a movie, but when I turn it off, it's back to the in, and out, crackling sound, forcing me to resort back to the TV speakers with their mighty 5 watts per channel.
So, now is the time to weigh it out. A new one averages $450-$550, I'm guessing, that's how much I paid.
But, if anyone has success with easily blowing out the dust out from each plug-in, to improve connection, or not really.
The receiver is in a enclosed console, with a back, and i'm sure its all dusted out.
Try to find a local, reasonable, AND honest, electronics repair shop, that won't cost me an arm and a face, to repair it,
Cut my losses and buy a new one?

I looked at the back of the A/V to see if any speaker wires came loose. They all looked fine. Somehow, the Surround kicked in, and the only way to keep using this is to NOT shut off power to the Receiver, only to the TV. This worked fine, until this morning, when I turned on the TV, NO SOUND.
Ususally, I can see all the speakers showing up and active, on the front of the receiver. (2 fronts, one center, two rears, and one surround middle-back, and my 200W Subwoofer, on the 7-Channel audio setting. (I use this for overall TV veiwing, then change it to a BD.
Now I do not see any active speaker channels showing up. I've turned up all the volume to this ZONE 1, (I dont use Zone2) then back down half-way, the volume somewhere in the middle, in the event that this decides to kick in, it would be very loud.

This is a HSU Sound 6.1 Speaker system, which is wired differently from a normal speaker setup. The two FRONTS are connected to the CENTER, then back to the receiver, if I remember correctly. The console where this AV is located has a backing on it that I should have removed for easy access to the back, but dust accumilates rapidly in this console, but now, I need to remove the console away from the wall, to get a better look at the back of the receiver.
This was serviced at TAPS, in Long beach, and they fixed a bad channel, so it has to do with the connections.

But this is weird, that sometimes, all the speakers are clear and disctinct, then other times, it's just silent. Frustrated, I always revert back to the TV SPEAKERS. I cant be thinking about replacing this with another $500 AV receiver. This tells me that the speakers themselves, are working, but it could be the connections themselves.
The TV is mounted on the wall, and the only thing I added was an antenna from the roof, to get local stations, without having to pay for Cable.
what else could be causing no sound at all, if, when the a/v is active, and I dont see the listed 6.1 Speakers?

Any suggestions?

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Just to let you know, any suggestion we make on the forum is, at this point, only a first guess. We would need to be in front of the system while keeping track of what changes are made and what results are obtained in order to begin to isolate any problems more specifically that just a first guess.

First, pull the receiver out of the cabinet and place it on a flat surface where it will get plenty of air flow around it. You need a bare minimum of 1" in each direction. I don't honestly think this is a heat issue but, if it is heat related, the damage may have already been done and the receiver will continue to display the same problems.

If the problems persist with the AVR out of the cabinet, start disconnecting speakers until you have a simple stereo only hook up. If the problem persists, don't add more speakers. If the problem doesn't show up, add another set of speakers, the rears are your best bet. When you finally add your center channel, make a typical connection, no special cases allowed.

If after all that, the problem is still evident, then you have to either replace or repair the AVR. If you don't trust any technician or shop, don't bother repairing the AVR. You won't like the results no matter what they do or charge.

If you decide to take the unit in for repair, ask for an estimate of repair costs. You'll pay a small amount up front to cover the tech's troubleshooting time. If you don't proceed with the repair, the shop keeps the estimate fee. If you go ahead, the fee is included in your total bill.

You can appeal to Yamaha but that's the hard way to go. At this point, they hardly remember they sold that AVR.


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Thanks for all that info.
I haven't tried other speakers, and don't have any extra. The AUDIO OUT /surround sometimes works, all the time, if I leave the receiver on, but if I shut it off along with the TV, then turning it back on takes a while, but it POPS and CRACKLES, coming out of the three.. .Center, and R, L speakers.
The ON-SCREEN Function o the yamaha remote does not work, for me to TEST each channel. I tried to somehow reset the remote, no luck.
So with this intermittant working one minute, then crackles and pops at other times, which channel on the receiver would be suspect? I would hate to go out and buy a new AV, to find out it was the speakers, or the other way around.
But to me, hearing all (6) six channels clear and distinct (even though it's intermittant) really makes me think this is NOT A SPEAKER PROBLEM, but a AV problem.
My Hsu sound speaker configuration is not a basic setup. Although the R,L and middle rear surrounds, plus woffer goes into the AV. The center is hooked up to the Center on AV, but the two front R, and L, plugs into the center speaker, if I remember correctly.

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Have you experimented with the Ventriloquist switch position?

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"I haven't tried other speakers, and don't have any extra."

I wasn't suggesting "other speakers", just not your speakers with an unusual connection. If you can't make your speaker system work with the Yamaha, then you'll have to take the AVR to a tech and let them run the diagnostics. Should cost you an estimate fee.

My second guess would be you have a problem in the power supply of the AVR. Power supply issues tend to affect all channels. There is very little other than the power supply that is common to all channels other than the master processor. Both issues would normally be the end of a mass market AVR.

No shop will give you an estimate of repair costs without doing their own troubleshooting so there's no way to determine the cost without taking the receiver into a shop.

I have no idea what the "Ventriloquist switch" does but it's unlikely to be common to all channels. Maybe.

Why don't you call Hsu and ask about any problems associated with the speaker system? If they rule it out as a possible source, then you're back with the AVR being the source of the problem. If the AVR is defective, like I said, it's probably either the power supply or the master control processor. Either will typically require major disassembly of the component which will run you several hours of labor at no less than $60 per plus parts. I doubt you'll get out of the shop for under $250.

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