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I'm no audiofile by any means so please bear with my newbie-ness...
I'm thinking about a new receiver. I'll spend as much as $1000 but no more.
My existing components are fairly old and not high-end except that I just picked up some new front mains.
Here's my stuff: current (receiver) HK AVR-10, (dvd) Panasonic DVD RP62, I run the CD player through a DBX 1531P EQ, (cd) Sony CDP C225, (sub) Polk PSW 450, some early model JBL ctr channel and the diamond of the group, (new speaks) Definitive Technologies BP2004
Use: Music 80% - Movies 20%
I was thinking Denon 3803 until I started swimming around this site. I really don't want to pay for a ton of features I'll never use. The system I have now does me just fine for watching movies. I'm most interested in enhancing my music listening. I don't like "bright". I like bass and mid-bass...the kind you can feel...kick drums galore...the more punch, the better!
I enjoy many types of music but the majority of the time, it's heavy rock or fusion jazz...
Metallica, Van Halen to Steely Dan, Rippingtons. I like the new DT's but I'm pretty sure they are capable of more than my ol' AVR-10 can dish out.
My room is fairly big...maybe 18x28 w/10' ceiling.
I hope my post gave enough information to help suggest a receiver or two for me to consider but not so long as to bore anyone to tears. Thank you for your time.
Bill McCall
Reno, NV

Hi Bill from reading your post i would suggest you try the Marantz SR-6400 or the SR-7400. or try the Pioneer Elite VSX-53tx. if you like to bright up your sound, then opt for the Yamaha RX-V2400. Now I know that you do not like brightness but it is worth a try. But to tell you the truth I would ask the veterans in this ht forum, and their names are Elitefan and Hawk. These two can give you the answer you need!! Good Luck!!!

Thank you Sarandon, for your reply and I take your advice...
Elitefan and Hawk, I pose to you the question in my opening post. I hope you take the time to read it as it appears to be a question often asked. I only pose it again along with all the other reading I did here last night because most of the follow-up questions deal with "what speakers", "what room size" and "bright" or "warm".
I again thank you in advance for any direction.
I will search the web for the two Marantz models.

PS - something I thought about after my first a new receiver going to change my low end at all being as my Def Techs and PSW450 all have powered subs??...remember, I'm new :)


As I read what is important to you, let me summarize the important requirements:

1. High music usage (80% used for music);

2. Need full, tight bass;

3. Big room (18 x 28 x 10); and,

4. Want something that isn't "bright."

This last requirement is important as the Def Techs are pretty forward sounding, and so with bright electronics, any brightness can really be exaggerated.

The full, tight bass requirement is also going to require something that produces a lot of current, i.e., a high current design. That eliminates most brands (Onkyo, for instance, claims to be a high current design, but it isn't, so don't believe any such claims). As you want to keep the cost under $1K, it eliminates several more brands.

I think the best choice here is the Marantz 7300ose, which you can find for about $899 (with a little shopping). It has more dynamic headroom power (necessary for that room) than the newer SR-7400, and since it is being closed out, you can get it for under $1K. Marantz has an earned reputation for getting the musical reproduction right and it will not sound bright, and should be a step up from your venerable H/K. The Marantz is just a bit laid back, which I think makes it a great choice for your Def Techs.

I also like the NAD 762, which is still available from a couple of on-line dealers for $899. Huge amounts of power, and, as a Denon 3803 owner, I can tell you it has much more power than my Denon, and greater clarity, to boot. It will give you the best music reproduction of any receiver, IMO. It isn't bright, but it is a bit more forward than the Marantz.

You can also get what you want with the NAD 752, which has just a little less power than the 762, but should still be enough. It is available for $699 from many dealers now while it is being closed out. If you went this route, you could also get a matching Def Tech center speaker, which I believe would really enhance your sound system.

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you HAWK for the very thought out and considerate reply...considerate in that you really "listened" to my post.

I am still open to any replies offered of course...

What is the groups experience with using "unauthorized" dealers. The Marantz web site has a rather HUGE disclaimer about buying from so-called discount houses...a bit alarming I must say.

Thanks again
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