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We bought a marantz nr1608 after having confirmation that we could connect a turntable to it, but we are not having any success. Anyone got any specific info that could help us?

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It has NO dedicated 'phono' inputs.
All is not lost.
You'll need a phono preamp to plug the TT into and than plug into one of the line level inputs of the Marantz.
Phono is at a very low voltage compared to line level and unless the gear is equpped to amplifiy that low level signal (Marantz isn't) you need a phono preamp.

Copy / paste this URL to see what Needle Doctor has on offer.

I don't know the best bang 4 buck model.

Keep in mind the 3 types of phono cartridge. That is what turns the grooves into electricity.
Moving Magnet / MM is the most common and probably what you should purchase.
Moving Coil / MC is even lower output voltage and might not work with those preamps I link
Ceramic / Crystal is for low budget, kids stuff and not for current hi-fi use.

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"We bought a marantz nr1608 after having confirmation that we could connect a turntable to it, but we are not having any success. Anyone got any specific info that could help us?"

That's a pretty generic question when you're asking for a specific answer. Let's start with a few questions you need to answer ...

Who told you a turntable would work with this receiver?

Whoever it was has no idea what they are talking about. The specifications for the receiver clearly state there is no onboard phono section. You have a case for a (no cost) return if that's the route you prefer to take.

If you decide to keep this receiver and work around the problem of no phono section, then you may need an additional component at additional cost to you.

What turntable are you trying to connect to this receiver?

The model of turntable may suggest the type of phono cartridge you have to work with. Not always, but it might.

Can you supply the manufacturer and the model number of the turntable? Can you identify the make and model of the phono cartridge mounted in the tonearm?

The phono cartidge may have come installed in the table and you can find the model # either in the owner's manual for the table or on your sales receipt.

If this is an old turntable you have taken out of storage, there may be more problems here than a simple lack of a phono section in the receiver.

What input have you been using to connect the turntable?

As leo suggests, the only inputs available for a typical turntable input on this receiver would be "high level" in design. "High level" would be labeled for a tape deck or CD player but not a turntable with a magnetic cartridge. I'm going to guess you do not have a moving coil cartridge as they start out in price at several hundred dollars.

If your turntable has a "ceramic cartridge", it may work into this receiver since that type of cartridge has a much higher output Voltage than a magnetic cartridge (which MUST have a phono pre amplifier for proper operation).

Try the CD input in the "Audio In" section of the back panel. Note: these inputs are "assignable" which means you'll need to go into the set up menu of the receiver for proper operation.

I can't guarantee the sound quality of this connection but it might work with no further component purchases.

If the phono cartridge is of the magnetic type, you will need to purchase an outboard "phono pre amplifier" to connect the table to this receiver.

Phono pre amplifiers run anywhere in price from $15 to $15,000 with numerous good quality pieces available starting at $50 to $300. Just place "phono pre amplifier" in a search engine and make your selection.

With an outboard phono pre amplifier, you'll make the connection from the turntable to the pre amp. From the pre amp you'll need an additional interconnect cable running to the receiver. Make sure you order the cable when you buy the pre amplifier if you don't have a spare laying around.

Your turntable should also have a grounding cable running from it if it uses a magnetic cartridge. The grounding cable probably terminates in a spade lug or a bare wire end which you'll need to attach to the phono pre amplifier.

The phono pre amp then connects to the receiver by way of the additional interconnect cable to a "high level" input such as the CD input. You'll select the appropriate input from the remote (or the front panel) when you wish to listen to the output of the turntable.

IMO you were not told the truth about this receiver and you would be better off exchanging it for a receiver with a built in phono pre amp. Check the specifications for any receiver suggested by the retailer. Several AV receivers have inputs labeled "phono in" but still lack an onboard pre amplifier. Exchanging the Marantz for such a receiver will solve none of your present problems. To put it bluntly, insist on speaking with someone at the retailer with a working brain who can read a spec sheet when you deal with an exchange.

Those aren't specific answers but you'll need to give us more information before we can do any more to assist you.

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