Speakers as a gift.. Please help


This is a complement thread to a previous thread wherein I said I was buying my son a receiver (probably Onkyo 601). Can anyone suggest 5.1 speaker setup for between $500-$1000 to go w/ the receiver. Son's apt is 30x15. TV/Music is 50/50. Thanks in advance for your help, and to those of you who have already offered advice in other thread, thanks especially.

ONKYO sells a nice 5.1 system thats' something under $500 I can't think what the number is but someone will probaly write in and tell you.


I have two very good suggestions for your price range, and they are far better than anything Onkyo makes.

1. Athena Point 5. Here is a link that describes this system:


Very nice system.

2. KEF KHT 1005. This system is new, but KEF has made some of the best 5.1 speaker systems out there, and KEFs always sound very good. MSRP is $799, so it is in your price range (figure you can get one about 15-20% off). Here is a link to pictures of the system from the KEF website:


Good luck!

Hawk, thank you, but if I may indulge: what do you think of the Polk RTI38?. They are on sale for $250 pair. Incidentally, the RTI28s are $200 pair. (If I get the Polks, I will buy two pair plus a center & sub.)

First matter of business,this goofball Hawk is the not spoken word in anything let alone consumer electronics. He is a guy or very likely a girl with a computer and an opinion...evidently several, no more no less.
Quit sucking up to him and man up son.

You can get a fine set of speakers here: https://www.ecoustics.com/electronics/forum/home-audio/18.html

and also check Buy.com for some great deals.
Specifiically Pinnacle and Wharfedale. They are both on sale and you can save mucho $$.


I have not heard the Polks, so I cannot comment. Polk makes good products, however. Perhaps some other knowledgeable people can weigh in on this speaker.


I have had Polk for many yrs...and while they are not the "best" speakers in the marketplace, they ARE the best speakers for the money...

I recently purchased a set of Polk RTi38 for the
front, a set of FXi30 for surround and a CSi30 for the center...

My A/V Receiver is a Sony STR-DB930(no longer made) and I couldn't be more pleased with my speaker choice...

Check Crutchfields for the RTi38...$249/pair
FXi30 $249/pair and the CSi30 is $149, can't go wrong with that pricing...

Oh yeah forgot...Crutchfield has a deal going on...buy any Polk Audio speakers/system worth $499 or more and get a free sub...
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