Amps Frying Speakers: Post Your Experience


I was astonished to find that another forumer's SR5300 fried his speakers.

Thus I decide to conduct a survery here. If anyoen has experience such a problem before (ie. his amp fired his speakers), pls post the experience here and specify how it happened and the symptoms before it happened.


My yamaha fried one of my tweeters. My wife and her friends had a pool party this summer and kept turning the stereo up full. The receiver clipped a few times. Didn't matter that I told them not to turn it up that far. I'm lucky that's all that fried.

A good way of blowing tweeters is to connect a tape recorder on monitor and select "record" at the same time, at high gain. I did this one with some KEF Codas. They gave a well-balanced, piercing, high frequency sound for about one second, then silence, at the same instant, from both. You could see where the copper wire leading into the coils had melted. A good service agent rewound the tweeters, and the speakers were as good as new after breaking in.

My only "normal use" failure was the other way round; the speakers overloaded the integrated amp. There I was not so lucky; the service agent was a clown who destroyed the amp by bringing in a constant hum, and still obtained payment for his time. He maybe fixed the original problem, but the amp was unusable. I did not discover this till I got it home. Always choose a servicer who wants payment for the service, not for his time. I should still like to get that amp fixed. It was a beaut. Armstrong 601. If there are any Armstrong servicers left, do, please, e-mail.
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