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I'm currently using a NAD T752 as a reciever, while the amplifier running my front speakers (Dali AXS 10K) is a NAD C270. However I seem to have some difficulties getting the low frequency bass I would expect from this setup. I tried to experiment with the subwoofer settings on the reciever to see if the lack of bass was caused by this.(before I continue, I will have to make it clear that I do NOT have any sobwoofer connected). To my suprise I could not hear ANY difference in the bass while i switched between subwoofer ON and OFF. I also tried every other combinations regarding speaker settings (small, large, none), but I can't seem to hear any difference at all.
Does anyone have any thoughts to as what I might be overlooking?

Setting all your speakers to "large" should run them at the full range of 20hz-20khz , now as to whether or not your speakers go that low is up to your speakers... ;)

If you set them to "small" then it redirects all the lower frequencies to the lfe channel (aka subwoofer channel) at the point you select the crossover setting in the NAD T752 OSD = on screen display...

Basically as long as you set your speakers to "large"

1) The crossover setting doesn't matter and isn't being used...

2) You should get the full range of lower frequencies aka more bass from all your speakers

John A.

For me, you ask an interesting but puzzling question.

If you have no subwoofer connected, why are you surprised that it makes no difference whether the sub switch on the receiver is "on" or "off"?

Secondly, how are the T752 and C270 connected? If you are taking the front L and R pre-map outputs of the T752 receiver to two input channels on the C270, then the DSP and bass management should all work just as if you are using the T752 alone.

If however, you are giving separate signals to the C270 from the player, then the two front channels will obviously not be affected by setting in the receiver, and the three remaining channels handled by the T752 will be largely unaffected, too. If you have a "no sub" setting on the T752, their bass will be directed to the front L and R outputs, which have no speakers connected.

With no sub (often a good choice) the speaker settings on the receiver should be "Main - LARGE; Center - SMALL; Surround - SMALL; Subwoofer - OFF".

I do not see a "10k" on the Dali web site. The AXS 1000 is a small speaker and no-one should expect much bass from that. Quite unbelievable, but the "Tech Spec" gives no frequency response. Dali says the AXS 1000 is "really brash little number", which is not exactly helpful, but also suggests no bass.

If you have "Main - LARGE" set on the receiver but the mains are, in fact, small, then there is not much you can do, except get some larger speakers or a sub. The AXS 8000s look more like full-range speakers, but they still give no frequency response. Looks to me like Dali has something to hide. Compare with, for example, PSB speakers, where every detail of the spec is up front, and very impressive.

Seems to me the receiver is not the issue.

I apologize for the lack of explanation regarding my question. However your inputs has been very helpful, and I believe I've found the sollution.

Regarding the speakers, I've been told that they where produced exklusivly for Scandinavia. Further on they're suppose to be the heir to the Dali 909. But I too find it strange that they are not mentioned on Dalis own website.

1" horntreble
5 ½" mid-range
2 x 10" bass
Frequency response: 34-21.000 Hz
Impedance : 4 ohm
Sensitivity: 92,5 dB
Crossover frequencies: 560 og 4.000 Hz
Size: 111x30x39,7 cm (HxBxD)
Weight: 28,9 kg

Here is a picture of the speaker:

John A.

Thanks. Well, those look like serious, near-full-range speakers, so it is a mystery why you are not getting real bass.

But you say you believe you have a solution.

What is it?

I was told that the speaker doesn't focus on serious bass (like e.g. Cerwin Wega!), despite its physical appearance (this is one explanation for my lack of bass). However it delivers a sound quality far better than other speakers in its class that I've heard. This is the kind of speakers that can deliver serious "punch" when played loud, even though it dosen't have the deep bass compared to a subwoofer.

The answer to my question was that the subwoofer settings in the menu of the 752, only affects while recieving LFE signals. And that whichever settings I where to use while in stereo wouldn't make any difference. The dealer told me that the settings regarding the subwoofer worked kinda the other way comparing to other recievers.

So what am I to do...? First of all, I'm to change my speaker cabels (I have a feeling I've been ignoring this for too long). In the longer terms I plan to buy a subwoofer (Since I'm striving to get the cinema feeling in my livingroom, I guess there's no questions about it). I currently have this one in mind:

John A.

The spec you gave does not give the dB figure for the roll-off at 34 Hz. -3dB is assumed, but some makers are happy to let you assume. Anyway, you hardly need a sub to get thunderous bass, if that is what you want, with any speaker going below 40 Hz at -3dB.

I don't think the dealer is correct about the LFE track: the NAD receiver should also give you bass management, and a ".1" sub output, on a stereo source, provided you have a surround mode selected, which would be EARS or Prologic (I or II). Try it!

Many people complain that some NAD receivers do not give a sub output in stereo, but I think they have it right, for my money. If you want to use a sub with stereo then you get best results connecting at speaker level, anyway.

That Dali SWA 15 sub looks formidable. From that same chain of dealers, I bought a cheaper subwoofer, Gale 3080W, which I am delighted with. It takes my LF down from 40 Hz to 25 Hz. That takes a lot of work off the main speakers, giving a gain in clarity and volume of sound as well as more bass.

But the Dali is almost certainly a better sub if you really need that much power and perhaps just a bit more bass extension.

well, i have quite a similar problem, i have a Marantz SR4300 and i am running the front speaker (Mission M74) through the Pioneer A400 int. amp through the front pre-out from the Marantz receiver, i have the Aegis One as rear and Klipsch centre...i am connecting my subwoofer (Mirage BPS150) using the low level input...and while listening to music, whether i on or off my sub, may be there is differences, but just very very slightly...if using separate amp to drive the front speaker, is it more advisable to use the high level connection to the subwoofer.?.between low level (from the receiver) and high level (through the int. amp), which one is the better choice, btw, i set the front speaker as "large" and sub as "yes"..anyone here will give me some useful advise.?.


since u connected a NAD C270 to drive ur front channel, how far did u set the volume knob to match the sound from ur receiver.?.in my case, i need to turn the volume knob of my Pionner int. amp to around 12 to 1 o'clock position, wouldn't it be too much.?.if i just use the int. amp for music listening (through a dedicated cd player), at most i just set at roughly 9 to 10 o'clock to get enough for any suggestion.?.

I believe you could get som different results if you try setting the front speakers to "small"


The slight difference you are noticing is because bass on music tracks only goes down to about 30Hz generally (20Hz for movies) and this isn't very often so therefore your Mission's go down enough for you not to notice that much of a difference between your speakers and subwoofer.
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