Marantz SR8200, 8300, Denon AVR2803 + Speakers Help


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I am setting up a home theatre (HT) system. I currently have a pair of AE Evo 1 and Infinity center. Btw, I am relatively new to such things.

I am thinking of either the Marantz SR8300 (cost abt S$1800 to 2000) or Denon AVR2803 (What Hifi high recommends this model, thus I added it into my list). I have also found a 2nd hand SR8200 for S$800 (singapore dollars). Unfortunately, its slightly more than a yr old and no longer under warranty.

My main aim is to have good stereo and 5.1 sound. I originally wanted the Denon since it won product of the year. However, folks in here seems to say that Marantz produces better sound. Unfortunately, I never read anything about 8200/8300 in What Hifi and they seems to hate 9200 and only gave it 3 stars.

Thus which amp would be more suitable for me.

Lastly, I would need a pair of surround speakers. I have seen a pair of Wharfedale triangular shaped speakers (I think its bipolar of something) going for S$199. I couldn't find any info at their website thus I think its either too low level or obsolete model. Do you think its adequate or is it better for me to go for a pair of Evo 1 that cost S$300 for tonal balance etc?

Thanks for your help. Bte, I am living in Singapore and all prices quoted are in Singapore dollars. Pls don't mistaken it for your local currency.

the SR8200 should be a really good amp.. if u don't want it, I do :]
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