Marantz SR5400 and Tannoy FX5.1 combo.


I am currently looking to dip my toe into the magical world of Home Theatre for the first time. Unfortunately my budget is limited to about £600 for an amplifier and a set of 5.1 speakers. The system will be used in my living room, which is about 20' wide by 12' deep. I also need to limit my speaker choice to smaller speakers to keep my wife happy.

I have identified a possible combination of a Marantz SR5400 amp (£350) and Tannoy FX5.1 speakers (£225) which look like they might fit the bill. (I also considered the MS Premier system speakers, but they are only rated to 80w and the amp is 90wpc.)

I would be interested in any opinions on:
a) If this combination tends to work well together?
b) Whether the system has enough power to do reasonable justice to dynamic dvd soundtracks in a room of my size (240sqft) without having to drive the amp to death?
c) If the sub-woofer on these speakers has a reasonable depth?
d) If there are any other combinations, given the price/room/wife constraints that I should also consider.

Many thanks in advance.

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edbiker, try the 5400 and Energy Take5.2 system, ive heard good praises on the energy

btw, where did you find the 5400 at £350? is it an authorized reseller, you hve to be careful coz marantz/denon dont accept warranties if not bought from authorized dealers


Hi, i'm also thinking of buying the tannoy fx5.1 speakers and sr5400. Let me know if you find out whether they are a good match.
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