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In the near future i will be purchasing a reciever and dvd player to put with my speaker set up. It will either be Pioneer Elite, Integra, or Marantz, and I was curious about where to buy it. I have never purchased expensive electronic components online but i'm sure it'll be cheaper. Please point me to a reliable online source that has good prices. Thanks!

I have been looking but I keep running into stories about serial numbers, send different products, warranties not valid, gray market advertised as new. I am going to buy a whole system and I think I will get it from the store because of this.

Before you buy, I would recommend doing internet searches on the vendor and see if you can dig up any dirt. Also check the and enter their address or phone and see if they have an unsatifactory rating.

Also, find out what the shipping cost and return policy is before you would buy or give them any info. I couldn't find a place I felt comfortable with to buy from that was really a good deal after shipping.
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