Too much of a good thing ...


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McIntosh has just introduced a new wireless speaker; &ProductId=RS100

Really?! A speaker with a meter???!!!

That is one of the sillier things I've seen outside of the Republican debates.


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You are better off thinking of Both parties 'debates' as InfoTainment.

At least Jeb is now safely back wherever he came from. And off the Merry-Go-Round.

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There's no entertainment value in the Republican debates. I just sit there slack jawed for as long as I can take it.

Which isn't long. Three to four minutes at a time - tops!

This is what the "other" major political party in the US wants to pass of as their "best and brightest"?

This is a high school cafeteria food fight!

Isn't anyone paying attention? p-tax-cuts-proposed-by-republican-candidates.html?emc=edit_th_20160223&nl=todays headlines&nlid=27048090&_r=0

Or, do the Republicans simply not care any more?


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I'm glad you used the Republican debates as a caveat...they are beyond ridiculous! I've never seen anything like it and hope I never will again!

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I haven't listen to any music through the Mac speakers, but I rather hope I don't see anything like it again either. And I have seen a fair amount of silliness in consumer audio equipment. Some of it from McIntosh.


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I wonder what kind of audio system 'The Donald' has?

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And NOW 'The Donald' won't release his Income Tax Return.
Another great tactic from the 'other guys' to try to make him look even worse. Is that possible?

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IMO making the GOP as a party look worse reached its nadir here; Republican Crowd Boos Soldier During Debate;

The audience feedback at these "debates/food fights" has only encouraged further lies, stupidity and proof there is nothing the modern Ryan/McConnell GOP actually stands for today beyond bigotry, racism, misogyny, Bible thumping yet purely selective originalist interpretation, fear and hate based nativism, corporatism/fascism, the promotion of war crimes, etc, etc, etc.

And those happen to be their better traits.

David Duke will be going on the Alex Jones show to protest.

The GOP base doesn't realize they're not sitting in their pick'em ups listening to Rushbo. Put a reality TV personality in front of that type of audience and who couldn't predict the results?

OK, Fox News and the RNC couldn't.

Not much on predictions but this is how it starts ...

Trump gets the nomination.

The GOP/RNC Establishment finally see their cash cow getting sicker and sicker, limping around on three legs while spitting up what appear to be petroleum soaked hair balls. They decide to run their own candidate as a third party "conservative" choice against Trump's "know nothing" far right wingnuts.

Trump uses the existing RNC database to gather all the names and information required to run as an independent. He thanks Preibus for the assistance before giving him the gold plated middle finger.

Trump declares his "poor treatment" by the GOP establishment has forced him to leave the party and their candidacy and takes all their marbles to his own new "T" party as a fourth party candidate.

The remaining members of the so called conservative, Freedom Works funded Tea Party hold a fire sale on tri-cornered hats and muskets. Suddenly, taking a flight on a Malaysian Air Lines 757 looks like a good option for several conservative think tank members.

George Will soils himself on Sunday morning TV.

No one notices because George has always smelled like that.

Wayne LaPierre soils himself at a poorly attended press conference.

He continues to do so multiple times.

No one notices because they've all left the room.

Hillary proposes no radical left wing assault weapons ban but she will introduce legislation which raises the cost of bullets to $5k each.

Goldman Sachs pays out the largest fine in the history of the planet rather than face criminal prosecution for financial wrongdoing over the last 35 years. The US debt is totally wiped out by the new revenue from the fine and a surplus is established with the provision the GOP can't touch it.

Paul Ryan announces the 85th vote to repeal ObamaCare. No one shows up to vote.

Texas convicts the Planned Parenthood film makers and sentences them to ten years hard labor. Marsha Blackburn announces she'll continue to investigate PP despite another 30 states declaring PP did nothing wrong. Another waste of tax payer dollars continues as the GOP shouts into the wind, "Hey, we're over here!"

Corporate CEO's and CFO's are now buying private islands in the Caribbean at a record rate.

Pharmaceutical and insurance company executives are putting five of their seven houses on the market and asking for payment in cash only.

Dermatologists begin investing in green technologies as a Medicare for all US economy seems to be ever more likely.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren vacation together. Ruth Bader Ginsburg drops by to discuss her future retirement plans.

This all leaves the actual remaining few folks who claim to be "The GOP" without any official candidate at the top of the ticket and a failed billionaire donor depleted funding base.

In what proves to be a purely and consistently idiotic move by the GOP, they rush to anoint Mitt "self deport" Romney as their "official-unofficial" presidential candidate for 2016.

Undocumented Hispanics across the US take an extended siesta. The price of GMO lettuce shoots up.

Sarah Palin denounces Trump as "unfit for the Presidency" and declares her fealty to Romney in hopes of getting another VP slot.

No new TV offers come in for Palin. She agrees to do cheap diaper commercials with Bristol, Levi (who can't seem to wipe that smirk off his face) and the two illegitimate kids.

Now the GOP is faced with running two candidates against each other, both with the semi-backing of what remains of the GOP establishment.

The two unofficial-official GOP candidates are asked to show the size of their hands.

Hillary can't seem to wipe the smirk off her face as Bill stands off stage LHAO.

The Koch brothers, who have pledged almost $1 billion in donations to the GOP candidate this election cycle, are so flustered they withdraw all their support from the GOP.

The David and Charles make a hastily arranged conference call to the Walton family to discuss running their own billionaire's candidate with their own money backing that person. They propose a "moderate/libertarian" platform which includes moving the US capitol to Lawrence, Kansas.

The next debate is held with two official-unofficial GOP candidates trying to take each other down and Trump calling both of them liars and "little GOP'ers. He has painted his hands red, white and blue.

Hillary is, of course cleared of all the BS charges the GOP has been promising their base; email-server-are-said-to-show-no-evidence-of-hacking.html?emc=edit_th_20160304&n l=todaysheadlines&nlid=27048090&_r=0

The GOP, finally catching on to the impending disaster they have created for themself over the last thirty years, try to switch the blame to the Dems for pressuring them into accepting Obama's nomination of the first openly g@y, transgendered, Jewish Asian-American judge to fill Scalia's seat on the SC.

No one is buying it.

The new Justice is sworn in with their Muslim life partner by their side and their undocumented Honduran refugee father standing in the wings.

Sir Elton celebrates with a new song and a free concert for the homeless in San Francisco.

Romney denounces the whole sheebang - again.

Preibus is seen getting good and drunk on his last day as RNC chair as he slurs an admission of his long closeted bisexuality, two months in advance of the election.

Karl Rove wants to re-recheck the 2012 results from Ohio.

Jones and Duke announce their own line of freeze dried foods to be taken into the underground bunkers. Amazon refuses to carry their products.

Hillary announces she is selecting the first Hispanic candidate for Vice President, Julian Castro.

Miami erupts in riots which ultimately destroy most of the high end hotels and clubs as the Cuban immigrants have their minds blown by a US VP named "Castro".

The GOP proposes an investigation into why rising sea levels did not put out the fires in Miami.

Trump sits back and laughs, telling the debate audience to "Get'em out o'here", referring of course, to the little gop'ers.

yada-yada-yada, etc-etc-etc.

The Party of Lincoln dissolves into semi-historical fact and mostly pure BS-fiction and no one actually notices they have left the building.

The rightwing talking heads blame everyone but themselves.

Bill O'Reilly admits he is the most interesting and the important person in the world. He proposes the formation on a new "O'Reilly party" which will exist five nights a week at 9PM EST.

His first guests will be Roger Ailes going down on Rupert Murdoch in a tutu.

Pope Francis smiles a knowing smile.

On election day, most PO'd, white, middle class voters stay home and relive their glory days via their (rented monthly) DVR's watching

Trump loses the lawsuit over Trump U. tml.

Numerous other lawsuits quickly ensue, all of which Trump loses as he is shown to be a world class con man even Bernie Madoff can't match.

With his fortune reduced by half and then some, Trump forms his own army of other people's children whom he promises he will send off to kill the families of suspected terrorists in Mexico, China, VietNam, etc. He cuts a quick deal with Iran for cheap oil which has now slipped to $1.10 a barrel.

Saudi princes are filling their Olympic size swimming pools with raw crude as there is no more storage capacity available. But they keep on pumping at 2006 levels so long as the little energy companies are going out of business. Their $1.5 million sports cars are being repossessed.

The line of Trump ties fails as China will no longer sell him a product at $0.05 on the USD. China presents Trump with an overdue bill for services rendered.

This further deflates Trump's fortunes and he is forced to sell his third wife to ISIS and marry into the Walton family for financial reasons. His new fourth wife is ten years older than Trump.

It's revealed that all of Trump's children are illegitimate as he has been wearing prosthetic hands for decades.

Michigan Governor Snyder commits suicide by drinking poisoned Flint water after seeing his future in a Hillary directed Justice Dept. investigation.

Mitt Romney offers to by Hawaii from the US at a reduced price - due to the rising sea levels, you know - in order to escape the rampaging hordes of former Rushbo fans looking to scalp him and tack his hide on their wall. He promises to build a wall around the islands and have the now dropped to its knees GOP party pay for it.

In the end, Hillary is re-elected for another four year term as the US economy becomes the model for the rest of the world.

Syrian refugees decide to stay in Greece once the economy has stabilized as they find living in a Blue zone allows them a 106 year life span and some pretty good food to boot.

Carbon based energy is slowly phased out of existence as green technologies provide nearly free energy for the entire planet, making Earth a safer place to live for future generations.

Like I said, I'm not much on predictions so some of that may not actually happen.

But most will.


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Since the last post here, it's gotten even WEIRDER.

Now that the field has been winnowed down to just a couple with any chance at the brass ring, somebody decided it was time to drag the WIVES into it.
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