Selling my HK 525 for a Elite VSX-53, is it a good idea ?


Steve C.
The reason i'm selling my HK receiver is because i cannot stand the fan noise, which goes on every 20 min or so with the volume level at minus 80 which means no sound! (i use it for video switching late a night while my baby is sleeping). I love the sound and some of the features, but i was wondering what could i expect in comparaison sound wise and also feature wise if i buy the Elite 53.

Pioneers web page is lacking some info about that product like the weight and also its ability to upconvert from s-video and composite to Component.

Thank you all for you feedback.


The Pio 53tx weighs ~38.5 lbs. It does not do upconversion to Component, only S-video. So if you like the Upconversion feature, (I don't need it) you may want to look at the Denon 3803 or Yamaha RX-V1400. But if you don't require it, the 53tx is one heck of a machine. Power through the Yin-Yang!

Another option would be to grab a new model HK. I know that the HK AVR-7200 is without a fan, so if the models below it are now fan free as well go with one of those to keep your current features and sound.

By the way I agree with you on the 525's fan. I loved the receiver, but in the end the fan was too obnoxious for me as well. I ended up with a 45tx.
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