Need receiver and speaker suggestions for yacht, please!!


looking for multi zone to power outside speakers for music while watching tv inside. small listening area inside 15' by 20' and is noisy when boat is running. Also, need cube like speakers and sub for the inside to go w/ receiver. Owner listens 50% music and 50% TV. Owner looking to spend ~$2000. Any suggestions?


I would suggest the NAD L70, which has a DVD player built in. The sound is simply superb.
See it here:

Speakers: get the KEF 2005.2 system, which has five "egg" shaped speakers no more than about 9" tall and put out a beautiful sound--perfect for that size room. Also comes with a very compact sub. See them here:

Call Kiefs ( where I have priced a new L70 for $650 and the KEF speaker system for $1100. That will keep you within your budget, the sound is so good it will knock your client out, and it will look as good as it sounds.

Oops. I missed the need for "multi-zone". OK, forget the L70. Look at an NAD T761, available from DMC Electronics ( for $499.00. Has multi-zone. Look under "NAD Specials."

Stick with the KEF system for the inside, however.

Thanks for your input Hawk!

What about Minipods? I think that would be a good speaker set, but I have never heard them so I dont really want to recomend them. So go with the KEF's. (Piontless post):)
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