Which receivers are considered "bright"


Which receivers are considered bright? Which are not? Thank you.

Paul T
Usually the onces who stayed in school and got their degree! HAHA.. Off hand the bright ones are Yamaha at the top of the list, then Onkyo, Sony and Kenwood. Some also consider Denon is on the bright side.. Laid back side would be Harmon Kardon, Marantz and Elite(although some do not consider Elite and to tell you the truth I can't call that one. The ones slightly on the laid back side or some might call the middle would be NAD, Outlaw, and Rotel.

What are good speakers to match a "bright" receiver. Thank you.

Paul T
Paradigm, PSB and KEF..

Ilker. A
I would add Mission Speakers in there also. They sound very good with bright receivers.

I would have to semi-disagree with you Paul T. When listening to both a Pioneer Elite and a Denon reciever w/ Klipsch speakers I found the the PE to be far too bright for them while the Denon was much smoother in the midrange. So to add some minor input I would say Pioneer Elite is quite a bit brighter than the Denon.

I don't know what you are hearing but Elite's are much warmer and smoother than Denon. I have owned both and there is no comparrison. The Denon 3803 is the brightest unit I have ever heard by far and my Elite 45 is way warmer. Listen again through some bright speakers and you'll change your mind I bet.
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