Is it worth it?


I have been using my receiver for a while now, and dont like the 2 channel all that much. If I upgraded the amp would the 2 channel performance increase? Or is the 2 channel limited because of the internal pre-amp? Oh ya, the amp is a 6070 Kenwood

At first I thought it was my CD Player(Kenwood 200 disk) but after finding this board and reading the posts here,I think it is the amp. Should I get the Harman? Or should get a new receiver? I do love the 7.1 performance, thats why I thought it was my CD player)

It is very likely that the speakers seem fine in 7.1 surround, but when listened to in stark 2 channel, the weaknesses are revealed.

I find that is often the case in most peoples systems where they say they enjoy the surround, but not the stereo. Much of movies contain background music and dialogue and one can often get away with less quality speakers. In stereo their weaknesses become very apparent, particularly with no subwoofer playing in the stereo mode.

By the way--what are your speakers?

My System:
Fronts: Akai SW-A90(very soon to be Quest QT88)
Rears: Optimus LX-8 Bipolars
Center: Quest Q610 (the other one I am using a a passive sub on my computer speakers)
When I get the QT88's I will move the quests to the rear and the LX-8's will be my B's. I will probably then by 2 centers by Quest and use them as C and SB. I just dont hear that sound I like in 2 channel anymore. Thanks for your reply and just one more question, would new speakers help at all?
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