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I am running A TAPCO JUICE Amplifier and are running JBL speakers. I want to add 2 PEAVEY SUBS. I know I need a cross over and another amp Can I hook the cross over to a Onkyo M 501 amp to run my subs The onkyo amp does not have a volume switch on it as my tapco has a volume control on each channel

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Another question with insufficient information? Yeah, you can "hook the cross over to a Onkyo M 501 amp to run (the) subs". Most crossovers will have a level set for the outputs. As to the rest of the hook ups, you're going to have to be a bit more specific before you get more assistance. Sorry.


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The TAPCO amps ALL have a low-cut filter in place. I don't know if that appears at the line level outputs or just for the speakers. It is meant to keep too much bass from the speakers, which is at least ONE source of damage to them.

Many other decisions to make from crossover 'point' to whether to run the main speakers full-range or cut the bass to them.

Filling in some of the blanks may get some better answrs and recommendations.

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I am hooking up high output from behringer cx2310 crossover from channel 1 to channel 1 input on Mackie Juice J1400 to run left JBL TR 125 speaker Hooking up High output channel 2 from crossover to high input on channel 2 Mackie Juice J1400 to run right JBL TR 125 speaker
I am then hooking up Sub Out from crossover to input channel 1 on my other Mackie Juice j1400 to channel 1 in Mono to run Peavey 118 passive sub
Does this sound right?
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