The Marantz SR4300 is capable of frying speakers!! My rear left speaker went up in smoke. When I measure the voltage output of surround left channel, its a massive 44V!!

I did open up the amp to clean the connectors with Pro Gold. I don't believe Pro Gold could have cause short circuit or anything. Neither is any connection wrong (I personally labelled every single connector I remove).

When I open up the amp to check for any burnts etc. NOTHING! The fuses on the amp didn't even blow. Nothing was burnt and all other channels function perfectly normal except for rear left.

I notice some squeaks coming out from that speaker a day before the problem. Since I was watching a pretty old VCD (its Macross btw), I though it due to some scratches. There are only a few squeaks in the entire anime thus I just ignore it.

The next day, I played 2 Fast 2 Furious DVD. The same squeaks from the same speaker. I felt something was wrong. Decide to play on and listen if there are more squeaks. All of a sudden, the amp tripped! I could smell something burning and its coming from the speaker. After opening it up, the main driver is fried! The coil is badly burnt.

Its a moment of foolishness but I though its the speaker short circuited and not the amp, thus I decide to connect the rear right to test. The second I power up the amp, smoke rushes out from the bass port from the speaker. OMG!! There goes my speakers!!

I have just purchased a 5300, and I am having similar problems, but only in Surround mode, did you get a continuous hard thump prior to your high pitch squeal?


And to think that you have had a swell time lambasting the supposed "bugs" of the NAD T series... Kharma, my man!

I'm having the same problem with my 5300, today I blew a speaker out. I'll be calling my dealer tomorrow to get my money back and hopefully they pay for a new speaker. Wish I knew about this board before hand and went with a Nad.

Mike, I don't think they will replace the speaker for you. I tried by I couldn't. The dealer said its the amp's fault and not a speaker defect. Thus its not covered under warranty.

Audio, I only had this problem when I uses 5.1 setup. No problems with stereo 2.1 mode.


The 6300 I purchased was his last model; a demo. Ironically he found out that the outlet for soemreason shorted out, thus creating the problem with the receiver. I have returned the reciever, and actually upgraded. I promise you if I had a NAD dealer in my city, I would probally be listening to one at this moment, but I do not and that is my main reason and frustration with NAD. I do not want you guys to think I am a NAD basher, I just do not want to purchase something and ahve to deal with problems via mail( i.e. shipping back to the dealer).

I'm considering to purchase a SR4300, is SR4300 same as SR4400? Is SR4300 really will blow up spreker?

i am using a SR4300, except from a bit underpowered, quality wise i have no complain at all...

Okay guys, I am going to say this for the last time, my reason for not buying a NAD is two fold, one I not able to listen to the product before purchase, and I believe you should listen especially in this forum of interest to a product before you purchasing it. Second, there were several threads speaking of NAD issues, I felt more comfortable handling any warranty or problematic issues on a local level, oppose to having to ship the receiver back to the dealer and being without my system in the meantime. This is my main two reasons for not choosing NAD, I am sure they are great receivers. But I do not have a local dealer so again that is my main reason for not choosing the product. I have a great local dealer that at no point hesitated in swapping out my equipment. My down time was very short. I am enjoying my new HT powered by Marantz, and it is great. My point to what I have said in the past is NAD was the most common brand recommended in most of these threads. I was looking for broader recommendations outside of NAD. THAT IS ALL

SR4300 is fantastic, stop turning it up luder than its designed to go. set the levels at no more than +4 with a sound meter

benny has a point - what was your volume level?
Could any of you speaker blowers also say what your speakers are (sorry, were).

My SR4300 is working fine with a set Mordaunt Short Premieres (5.1).

Anonymous: SR4400 is the replacement model for SR4300. Don't know what the difference in spec is.
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