Buzzing from speakers. Aaaarrrggggghhhh


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Hi everyone.
I have a loud buzzing coming through my speakers when I got my power amp connected
Power amp on and speaker cable connected only it's silent. Connect a rca in to the input with no other connections there's a buzz from speakers and also a pulse. Like a heart beat !! This occurs with either rca connected.
Tried isolating power from fuse box etc. turning everything off etc. even taking amp to work and trying it there. Same thing. I'm assuming it's a break in the ground or input in the amp.
System is. Naim cds3 Leema Pyxis pre. Leema hydra power x 2 I also have a power regenerator and a mains nordost mini sub for the mains cables.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The pulse would suggest the power supply is faulty. It gets a bit worse, if that is the true issue, because the amp is trying to reproduce DC - O Hz. Should even a second of DC pass through to your speakers, they will instantly be fried. It is a fairly common problem with direct coupled amps that you didn't see when amps were transformer coupled and the transformers, or in some cases autoformers, simply wouldn't pass DC.

I would not recommend using the amp until you've had it checked out by a qualified tech. This must be a fairly old amp, yes? Power supply caps usually start going bad after about ten years.

There are other places where a power amp could cause a pulse but this generally occurs more in Asian built amps which have some sort of microprocessor involved in their control circuits. Either way, have the amp checked out, there's nothing you can do at this point without risking damage to the amp and yourself and likely your speakers.

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