Please suggest speakers


I am starting to build an HT systems. Will soon purchase either HK 230/330 or PROBABLY Denon 1804. Need speaker package (five surround plus sub) for under $1000. If absolutely necessary can go higher, but really don't want to. Thank you.

Listen to speakers from the following manufacturers (in order): Paradigm, Now Hear This, Energy, Athena Mission, Monitor Audio, Mirrage.

All sell medium-sized sets in the $750 range and a good dealer should be able to assemble a good setup for around $1000.

If you can find an Energy Take 5.2 without the sub for under $500, pick up an HSU VTF-2 for another $500 and you are in business.

I have similar systems: Denon 1801 and Energy Take-5 (sold the HSU with my house) and an 1803 running Athena Point-5 - so I know what you're going through.

Hope this helps.
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