Help! got no sound!


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dont know if this is an amp problem, a speaker problem, or a bad wire problem, but here goes... ive got a standard stereo receiver that powers my DVD, and CD player. nothing fancy by any means, but it sounds great and works for me. HOWEVER, the left channel seems to not produce sound unless you bring the volume WAY UP! then all of the sudden, with a slight "pop", the sound is there. of course by now its way to loud for normal listening. then the sound may (or may not) disappear again upon some type of loud signal coming from the source. for example: a movie with quiet dialogue vs. loud chase scenes. the quiet dialogue wont be heard until the volume is brought way up. than BAM! there is it. it pops in from nowhere. on the reverse side for example, during a loud chase scene, the extremely high levels during a gun fight may, with another pop of sorts, kill the sound again. forcing me to turn the volume up, beyond a comfortable level, to get it to "pop" back on again. im thinking its an amp problem of sorts... thoughts...?

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If it happens for ALL sources�'s in the amp somewhere.
If you have only 1 source�.CD / DVD / you may want to borrow a known good source from a friend.
Also, you MIGHT have a bad cable. Try, after shutting everything OFF and counting to 10, swap cables around.
If the problem stays right where it is NOW�try the same thing with speaker cables�..swap the cables L/R at the receiver end. If the problem stays with the same speaker�.swap SPEAKERS L/R which will isolate the WIRE.

Your VC sounds 'dirty'. You might want to run by RadioShack and get some spray contact / VC cleaner.

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Your VC sounds 'dirty'. You might want to run by RadioShack and get some spray contact / VC cleaner."

I tend to disagree with advice which has someone opening their components. If you have no idea where the problem is, how to search for the problem or what area to probe for the problem, IMO, you really have no business sticking your hands inside a component. Most volume controls are sealed nowdays and you can't spray them with cleaner. You can, however, use too much cleaner and cause other problems in the component.

You've not given us any info on the make, model or age of the receiver. It doesn't matter that much. IMO the best advice is to take your receiver to an authorized repair center and ask for an estimate of repair costs. You'll be charged a minimal fee to pay for bench time. If you decide to repair the unit, the costs should be applied to the repair.

Be prepared to be told your receiver isn't worth fixing. It's highly unusual for any receiver to be worth the cost of repairs in today's market as it's much cheaper to simply buy new. That's where the receiver market is right now; buy it and replace, buy it and replace it, etc.

I cannot though suggest you begin poking around inside }an electronics component if you have no idea what you're doing. There are Voltages inside the receiver which can give you a very nasty surprise.


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Stay safe and get a qualified technician to sort out the problem.

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I think you can do a little bit of experiment bychanging wire and if it does not work then go to
use another speaker to check it out. May take
help of some electric current testing simpler
instruments to find if any loose connection is
there. but do not forget to take all safety
measures before going for it. Thanks
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