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I know that Emotiva gets little respect here. But they DO have plenty of fans and followers.

I see they are now making a Class 'A' amp....at least to 35 watts. You might want to call it a Rich A/B amp......In AB mode, it'll run a claimed 250 into 8 and double up to 500 into 4 ohms.
For the ask of 700$ per, I'll admit to being tempted. A brace of 'em....2 per panel......for my BiAmpable Maggies would be just the low-sensitivity ticket.
Amps have very high input impedance which helps ease preamp choice and a back panel switch limiting bias to AB helps heat generation when so desired. Amps probably use near 200 watts each just sitting there in 'A'.
They only weigh about 35 lb each, which is BARE MINIMUM for such an amp. The pop-the-lid photo shows at least reasonable heat sinking on the output devices and a good population of PS caps....though 'only' a 450va transformer.

I'll admit to being tempted. 4 of these AND a W4S STP-SE preamp can be had for LESS than the price of a pair of used Pass 60 watt per mono's, or even a XA30.5 and the W4S preamp........with the obvious differences admitted to in advance.

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Don't know these amps, leo. I would say I don't think of Emotiva and Pass as equivalent lines.

Class D and its variants have made possible what many listeners consider highly musical amps available without the traditional drawbacks of size, weight and cost. To do so with traditional AB amps is reminding me of Phase Linear and Ampzilla claims. IMO traditional output topologies face those same traditional problems of their predecessors. In that light, you get what you pay for.


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A pair of Pass 60A amps USED will set you back OVER 5 large. A PAIR of the stereo 30A amps....to biamp my panels.....will go OVER 6 large. For that kind of money, I can start with a W4S STP-SE preamp and add the EMO amp(s) of my choice.

Of course, I never meant to even IMPLY that EMO and PASS are 'equivilent' except they both make speakers work. At some point I gotta evaluate and toss in a 'bang for buck' aspect. Now, there is PLENTY of room between Pass and EMO. Parasound, for example, makes a well thought of hi-power amp which is affordable. The A21 and its 1/2-the-power sibling are nice. The top-line JC-1 is fairly expensive.

My eventual goal with going to seperates is to experiment with active, line level crossovers. In my researches I finally came to the conclusion that speaker level crossovers were limited, even if you went to a fairly premium selection of parts.

I saw a guy who sells a complete rebuild kit for the Phase Linear 400, said to 'fix' ALL the originals defects and stability issues. New board(s) and parts kits. And Bob Carver doesn't know the word 'quit'. His new tube stuff is opening to good reviews and have a very polished look to them. Very mainstream, this time, with no wacky-named circuits or 'inventions'.

If I went 'd', that'd be a sideways move, even if seperates.
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