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I have a question regarding the low frequencies. So I have assembled my first stereo system Jamo Classic 8 speakers which are driven by Kenwood KA-5090R. Nothing special what my student budget allows me at the moment smiley I also got Lenco TT-32 as a present so I hooked it up.

So long story short when I play an USB or FM radio via the phono low and high frequencies sound clean and crisp. But when I start to play a vinyl suddenly bass is very weak. I have a phono input on the amp but its no use as there is still no bass but a strong humming sound is present.

Maybe somebody could help me out.

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Not much to work with looking at your information.

Phono inputs on receivers are pretty poor. Turntables are today seen as oddities and so no manufacturer looking to sell in a price competitive market will put any significant amount of money into something they see as not important. My first suggestion would be to investigate an outboard phono pre amp such as the NAD;

Also, you must understand a phono cartridge is the analogous component to a loudspeaker, each take one form of energy and convert - or, more correctly, transduce - that energy into another form of energy. Just as various loudspeakers have significant variance in their frequency balance, so do phono cartridges. Playing vinyl requires an EQ shift in the phono circuit which is fairly dramatic. If the cartridge sound and the (RIAA) EQ are noticeably different from your other sources, then you will need to decide which is the more accurate sound quality and balance the rest of the system to that sound.

Start with a better phono pre amp and take it from there. An outboard pre amp will plug into a high level input such as "AUX", not into your input labeled "phono".

Hum is due to lack of a proper ground. Read your owner's manual for both the table and the receiver.

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