Can ya help me with matching my speakers to new recei


I've been ed-u-macating myself over the past few months and know just enough now to get me in trouble.


Front: JBL ND 310 II Northridge Series. (91 db)
Rear: Infinity Reference 2000.1 (88 db)
Center: Infinity CC1 (90 DB)
Sub: JBL G Sub 10

This is what I have tried to date:

1. HK 525
2. Yamaha 1400
3. Onkyo 701

Out of these, the Onkyo seemed to sound the best. And I really dont like saying that. I have had HK since 1996 and like the sound. It just seems that I am missing the high notes so to speak. I need more "Treble" (for lack of a better term).

The reason I am asking is because I am now on the fence trying to figure out if I want the Denon 3803 for the $648.00 price. Now the 1400 is on sale too. I hear about the Nad and the Outlaw but havent listened to them yet.

Based on the above, would Nad or Outlaw be a consideration still?

Would the Elite 47 or 55 work with my speakers?
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