Which receiver? Yamaha RXV740, Integra DTR 5.4 or Marantz SR5400


Hi guys. I went to 2 different stores. One carries the Yamaha RXV740 and the other store carries Integra DTR 5.4 and Marantz 5400. I have listened to the Yamaha and the Integra but have never seen how Marantz model I mentioned performs because they don't have anything in store currently. From my observation, using the Paradigm Atoms, CC-170, ADP-170, and PDR-12 speakers system, it looks to me that Yamaha sounded better over the Integra. I really need expert advice based on your experience. I have read articles on the web the Marantz is a good product too. Please email me your personal thoughts on which I should get. Btw, these 3 products price are almost close to each other. And one more, I will be using it 75% watching movies and 25% listening to music. Thanks in advance.

Both the Marantz and Integra overall are far better than the Yamaha but this is where matching receivers and speakers comes into play. The Paradigms are very laid back and so is the Integra and Marantz while the Yamaha is much brighter thus sounds better at first listen. I would never recommend a Yamaha based on their poor power supplies and proprietary dsps and dacs. The best option if you are going to get the Paradigms[ which are great for the money] would be a NAD742. I have seen on another posting from Hawk that it can be had for $449 somewhere. The Yamaha is nowhere near the quality in any area.


I also would recommend the NAD T742 over those that you listed. Like elitefan said, it can be had for $449 at Saturday Audio Exchange (www.saturdayaudio.com). I bought over the phone from them, and could not be happier. They are an authorized NAD dealer, and offer a wonderful return policy. If you call, ask for Andy, he is the owner of the store.

to elitefan
What does poor power supply mean for Yamaha?

Poor power supplies means a receiver has very low power when measured driving 5 or more channels.This is a symptom of almost all Yamaha's. A Yamaha rated at say 100 per channel will measure ok driving 1 or 2 channels but in 5 will drop to 50 or less. Other brands have the same problem but NAD. Rotel, Elite, H/K and Marantz do not . If you like Yamaha sound then buy it but beware it's limitations compared to others.
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