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I've recently bought my first system. I'm on a tight budget so I needed the minimum that would meet my needs. I bought:
Dynaudio X16 bookshelf speakers
Cambridge Audio DACmagic Plus
Yamaha DSP-E800 Amp (used)
All playback is direct from a PC using Foobar2000 player software and ASIO drivers, trying to achieve direct digital transfer to the DAC while bypassing any processing by Windows, hence using ASIO. It's all working fine. All my cables are pretty good.

Almost all my music is in lossless formats, mostly FLAC. I buy off the net and most of it's 24bit, and plenty of it's at 96 or 192k. That's why I wanted a nice DAC and the DM Plus seemed the best buy. I'm very happy with it. NOTE: there's no CD or Blu-Ray player or anything else, just the PC. That's how I want it for now.

The amp was cheap, and is probably the weak link here. I'm just using it as a power amp, avoiding any DSP. It's connected to the RCA out's of the DACmagic Plus. I regard it as temporary. I've only owned the whole system for a week.

Soon I'll be getting some money to upgrade my system. The major equipment upgrades I want are a nice power amp, probably a universal or decent Blu-Ray player and stands. As I've been a full-time live sound systems engineer and mixer for over 20 years, I'm pretty well versed in acoustics, speaker placement, cables, power conditioning etc, so I feel I can reasonably expect my system to perform close to its best.

Anyway, sorry I suck at being brief. Can anyone recommend a power amp that's known to be a good match for these speakers? I'd prefer Class A and I happen to hate class D after bad experiences at work. I'd settle for really good AB (yes I understand it's a type of circuit and not a measure of quality). I really like the Class A sound though. I probably don't want an integrated amp unless it's an exceptional product and great value; if I needed that I'd probably go for a separate preamp.

Does anyone know Lyndell Audio class A power amps? There's one at a good price locally. (Australia... I think it's made here?)

I hear these speakers present a pretty easy load for an amp to drive. Does this allow me broader choice? I'm not really interested in spending thousands to have valves for valves' sake.

Budget for an amp would be up to about $1500, I'd consider a bit higher if it was really worth it for some exceptional product. Really I'm hoping to spend about a grand though. (US dollars are about equal to Aus$ right now).

Thanks in advance
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